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Bo Lorentzen

Hey Jon, I have not checked, but its easy to edit a connector.

That said, the PIlotHD cam is crap, I would not consider using it for a project that require a 2000mw VTX. and generally, a 2000mw VTX is likely to affect the performance of your control signal receiver on the quad, meaning it can cause you to loose control earlier than you expect. ;-)


could this camera be connected to a boscam rx.. thunderbolt 2000mw, are both connectors compatible?

Bo Lorentzen

Hello Todd, The view through the goggles are fine, you will only notice the dropped frames in playback. :-)


Great read brother. I can deal with the skips for suck a cheap solution to on board recordind, now only $40. How is the view through the goggles?

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Stephen,

Go get "http://www.perian.org" Perian.. its awesome, download and your quicktime will play almost any video natively without any messing with it at all.

I use SHAVE app for trimming raw video. from the App store.

Stephen Mutch

Hi Bo.
I have one of these and for the first time I have recorded a flight. I have downloaded the file to my Mac desktop but can not play it. I have searched for a video player and upgrades to Quicktime, VidX, VLC, and Flip for Mac but still get messages about "upgrade needed" or "wrong container".
I know it's an avi file and the compression is MJPG but as I have no experience with movie files can you please help.
Which video player did you use and on which PC? Anything unusual about the file and how to handle it?

Bo Lorentzen

Thank you WallyJas


Excellent article, thanks Bo. :)

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