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Bo Lorentzen

Hey Jonas, no need to solder, simply unplug the cable from the build in antenna and plug in the new cable.


I really want to put booster on my deco 7e, but I have not figured out how to soldier the sma connector on the board…

what goes where?


I'm also wanting to install this on a aurora 9 . I'll be watching for more info thx

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Personal-Drones, yes technically speaking this should work with any 2.4G system, it is basically a plain vanilla antenna booster fitted to the backside of a RC radio.

Im guessing one can expect maybe a doubling or more in range safely. the price is right at $55, it took me about 20 minutes to install. That said, for about $250 you can get a Dragon Link radio rated to about 20+km

BTW. I really enjoy reading your blog at http://www.personal-drones.net

Personal Drones

Hello Bo this is a great, really affordable upgrade. Will study in detail. Wonder how it could perform and if it could be compatible with my Aurora 9. Should it be kind of a "universal" fit? Thanks for the great article.

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