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Bo Lorentzen

Hey Kane, don't see why not, there is a plug with video out, you should be able to plug straight into that for video feed.


Is this compatible with the Quanum DIY Goggles?



So has anyone figured out the cause of video blackouts? I've flown mine 3x and the video has failed. Tried new batteries and changing freqs.

Unfortunately i got it from CL, so no retailer. I'm good at
fixing stuff if I can get some direction in which to go.


Bo Lorentzen

@ Sam not sure what that is, you probably want to contact your dealer.
** wild guess though would be the brushed motors starting to burn out might be pulling too much juice for the VTX - but I don't know for sure.


Hello guys. ell the almost the same problem with the video. IT was working just fine but suddenly the problem started.
I get video up to the point when I start applying power, then I get a lot of lines and as I apply more power to lift. The screen goes black. When I reduce the power the screen comes back.
Can anyone help me or give some advice?

Bo Lorentzen

@B Mac http://www.fpvguy.com/2013/11/x4fpv-lens-v1.html

Sorry for the slow reply, am on the way back from NAB now.

B Mac

can we see a image or 2 with the Silver Fish Eye Lens?

Bo Lorentzen

@JJ - well that is a first, seems like you somebody managed to switch from mode-2 to mode-1 DEFINITELY email your dealer. ;-)


My fpv controller has developed the following problem.
The left stick (throttle) has no effect and seems to have lost its tension.
The right stick (rudder?) (back forward?)seems to have taken over the lift function of the left stick / throttle.
I haven't seen anyone else complain about this so I'm unassuming I've done something stupid/wrong.
Could anyone help me...?

Bo Lorentzen

@Derek, yeah that goes without saying, thats the main reason for having FatShark goggles, but some of the cheaper ones require a video out cable. ;-)

Derek Warner

you do not need a cable to connect Attitude goggles, just turn on goggles with dipole antenna attached and change channels till you get an image. It works nicely.


Launched X4 today, and after several flights; video developed green streaks across the display and went black. R/R 4XAA's, but still no luck. Perhaps will try the factory defaults maneuver and see what happens.

Bo Lorentzen

@Brian, unfortunately Im not aware of a way to reset the video system, personally i think stuff should work out of the box, so I would definitely call the supplier. ;-)


Thanks Bo, my thoughts too.
Just wondering, is there a way to completely reset everything to factory defaults?

Bo Lorentzen

@ Brian, I would call the supplier and ask them for a replacement, the little hubsan should bind and give you video on first try.


Looking for a bit of help here if possible please.
Just got mine today, unpacked and set up. Battery charged and new batteries in the transmitter. Turned the tx on and said to bind to the copter. Plugged it in and waited. Screen went totally black and has stayed like that. Bought new Duracells to try but no joy (two sets tried). The copter binds OK and will fly but is all over the place and keeps crashing.
I'm assuming I have a faulty screen on the transmitter?
Any ideas much appreciated.

Bo Lorentzen

@ Ketil, agree, the screen sucks a lot of power, unfortunately I have not found a way to really turn it off. you can kill the video, but the screen is still on. a little on-off slider on the radio would be perfect.

Kjetil Hansen

Is it possible to turn og the screen? It suck a lot of battery i think!

Bo Lorentzen

Jim, wow. one more, that is not good news.

With what you say, battery and information on the screen, but no video. that leaves me thinking one of two options are most likely. 1. quad video TX not working, or 2 the automatic channel match not working. I have had a black screen a couple of times, but it have gone away after re-powering the system a few times.. remember to power down both quad and controller, turn on controller then quad. if that don't do the trick, time to email the seller.

Jim Sharp

I know this thread is a little old, but I am having the same issue with no video. The quad flies without issue, but no video is being sent back to the transmitter. The only thing on the display is the battery level and quad voltage .

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Bo Lorentzen

Hello Rikk, Yup, Mine was charged, but you should probably charge it before flying, just in case, the battery should get you 5-6 minutes of flight.



Just arrived in the mail today. Question did your battery come charged?



Bo Lorentzen

Hey Ron, visit www.SpyHawkFPV.com and use code FPVguyX4


Hello Bo,

I am returning my quad as I believe it is defective and I do not want to operate on it as I do not trust my abilities.

I tried to use your code at Red Rocket Hobbies but they did not accept it. Will you reply with a retailer you recommend?

Thanks in advance,


Bo Lorentzen

Hello Ron, if you are flying fresh batteries and not getting video, I would shoot a email to the dealer, as it sounds like a problem with the hardware then.

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