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Bo Lorentzen

LOL Arthur, I think you need to check with BlackOut who distribute them, I think ReadyMadeRC.com have their stuff.


Arthur Charap

I went to the la drone expo yesterday hoping to find a rep for blackout products, no success. do you know of any place in Socal where I can obtain blackout products and necessary gear to fully assemble the Quad

Bo Lorentzen

@Paul, sorry for the slow reply, I have uploaded the wide nose gate and the mobius clip mount to ShapeWays here https://www.shapeways.com/model/1699848


Hi can you tell me how much the möbius mount for blackout quad please many thanks paul

Bo Lorentzen

@ Rudy, it is a very well build frame that take a lot of abuse. Hnestly the frame is on the small size for a full Naza install, I would check out the bigger badder brother the Mini-HEX for a full NAZA GPS ride. http://www.minihquad.com
Yes, sure if you need a Front mount for the Mobius, I can help you with that.


Looks like the perfect mini frame for full scale fpv. Great videos.
I have a naza lite and gps I'd like to mount on this frame. How can I get my hands on one of your möbius cam mounting parts? Can I buy some parts from you

Personal Drones

A clean, simple and well thought installation, love it. Mine seems much more messy than that, and I still have to mount the FPV gear :)

Bo Lorentzen

Hey David,
Yes that is right, not for any technical reason, just simply I like the little Devo6 for flying FPV because it fits so nicely in my hands and i can reach everything without moving my hands. I picked the their latest rx, the one they use in the x350 with the long antennas to get good reception. on a aside, just started a project to boost the power out from my Devo radio.

David Morgan

Very nice and cute! I guess your using a Devo radio? she sure goes fast

Nice presentation too


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