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Bo Lorentzen

Hello Richard, check my post about the TALI here http://www.fpvguy.com/2014/08/tali-h500.html

There is a link at the top part to the quick-start guide, there is also step-by-step instructions fro setting up the radio for the TALI. ;-)
*** The TALI and Scout setting are essentially the same.


Hi Bo, love the videos.

On my devo12, I changed the aircraft type from 'plane' to 'helicopter' and it scrambled all my profile settings. even when i put it back.

Do you know how to reset this to the Walkera/Tali default?

Or where to look to download the default profile?

Bo Lorentzen

Hello Mike, GREAT, love when we can solve some of the questions easily.


Thanks Bo, much appreciated.

Your suggestion was bang on. I was following the instructions in the ilook manual too closely and it recommended holding the AILE D/R switch down for 1-2 seconds which is what I was doing, however that is too much time and it causes the blue message "Memory Error" to occur on the Devo F12e screen. However, when I just flip the D/R switch quickly(like only 0.5 seconds like you suggested) it works perfectly from the transmitter. This solved the problem I was having.

In preparation for purchasing this quad I have been watching and learning from your YouTube videos and they are awesome, keep up the good work!


Bo Lorentzen

Hey Mike, I think the most important thing I hear you saying is, "I can record using the camera button" that makes me think its not a memory card issue,

The switch on the aircraft need to be pressed, so you need to flip down, wait about half a sec and flip it back up. like pressing and letting go from the camera button, if it stays down more than 5 seconds the camera start formatting the card and you will loose your videos on the card when its reformatted.


I have the exact same problem that Chris mentioned in his Oct 14, 2014 post. I recently purchased the Scout x4 and I also get a blue screen with a "Memory Error" when I try to record using my ilook+ through the "Aile D/R" Switch on my Devo F12e that came with the Scout X4. I too am only able to record with the button on the camera and I am using a class 10 micro SD card as well.

Is something broken, or a setting off?

Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.

Thanks very much,


@Sead, I have the same problem with the Memory Error message when trying to record with the "Aile D/R" Switch. Even after downloading the latest firmware for the iLook+. I'm just able to record with the button on the camera. And when there is a "Memory Error" all the datas are lost on the micro SD card. And the card is Class10 !


Thank you Bo for your information. I appreciate your response. That explains the horizontal query I have :)
All the best, Max.

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Max, Thank you for the kind words.
The G-3D gimbal is a "yaw-damper" design, it dampen horizontal movements to smooth moves out. but you can not control it to pan, fly the TALI in IOS and simply pan with the yaw stick.


Hi Bo,
Could you advise how to I can rotate the g-3d gimbal in the horizontal positon on my Tali H500 using Devo F12 please? I can't seem to locate which is the switch/stick/aux that turns the gimbal in the horizontal axis?

PS: Thank you for your Tali H500 videos. Extremely informative and as a result, I have purchased the H500. I'm planning to upload some footage from Melbourne Australia wihtin the next month.

Kind Regards, Max.

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Paul, Thank you for the kind words, You have picked up on all the right things here.
The X4 we tested is flying test firmware, I expect this firmware will be available for the 500 as well shortly.
About the redundancy, there probably is some more, but not a lot, we have tried to take-off with a missing motor, that did not work. however we also have a first hand experience of a motor failing in-flight on a TALI and the talk landing un-harmed. I personally thing the unharmed landing is maybe a 5-10% chance on a failing motor.. Personally I really like the TALI and love flying it, so for me the TALI is still a lovely aircraft, but I really want the new firmware. ;-)


Tali 500 vs Scout 4X:

Thx for the great reviews.... Nicely done and very detailed.

Listening to your reviews of both machines it seems as though the 4x is more stable when switching from manual to GPS. Do you believe the 500 will have improved stability now since I would image both models have the same components and software?

Also would you agree the 500 is a better buy since the price differential isn't that much. If you loose a motor on the 4x down she goes. If you loose a motor on the 500 you can get down safely.

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Karl, I already answered you on Facebook. the setup guide for the radio is here.



Hi gud day can anyone help me i just accidentally reset my radio for my tali h500 dnt know the setting

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Marijus, - OK THAT is a big question.

First. the TALI have a very locked in setup, meaning, the auto-start is a mission, so is the fly-around feature. so tread gently.

I used my FatShark Attitudes with my Devo6 radio to control camera pitch on one of my quads, its a very natural way to control the camera as it look up and down when you do.

Pretty sure the FatShark operate on ch 6 or 7 (somebody correct me please) what that means is you need to use that channel to connect to your gimbal pitch control. and then arrange the rest of the settings around the FatShark. this is easy if you fly like most FPV guys, using 4 channels for flight, one for mode basically not needing ch 6 & 7 and you can put PID adjustments on a slider up higher. but you will probably not be able to work around the FatShark AND keep the stock setup, meaning you will have to reprogram the TALI and the radio. this is not for guys who want to make sure they have autostart etc. ;-) but possible.


@Bo, you wrote:

"@Lucas, currently there is not "HD" downlink, however regular FatShark goggles have build in head-tracking, you can plug them into the back of your radio and use the head tracker to run the gimbal. I frequently use this to drive the gimbal pitch, it is a very natural way of operating a camera."

Could you make more clear about Walkera gimbal control.
1. What FatShark googles model have you connected to Devo F12e DSC input?
2. Did you reprogrammed F12e to be able to send Head Tracking control commands to gimbal?
3. Am I right thinking that when googles are connected to F12e, gimbal does not react to gyro sensor, it is exclusively controlled by googles (head) 3-axis movements?
4. Are googles receiving video from F12e video out?

Thank you.

Bo Lorentzen

@Ryder.. thank you for watching.. much appreciated. ;-)

Bo Lorentzen

@Peter, there is nothing special to it, you use the flight mode switch.

The top position is manual, GPS is the middle position, the down position is the RTH option.

you need to have AT LEAST 3 blinks of purple light to have solid GPS for GPS mode, personally I recommend waiting for 5 blinks before taking-off.

Hope this helps.


I can't seem to get the t500 into GPS flight mode. Can you go through step by step. And are lights different one in that mode? Thanks


Dear mr.Bo,
I like your videos and your explaination too it's very helpful.
I have a qc walkera X350 pro, and i watch all your videos .
Thank you


Dear sead, be sure your SD card is class 10 it's mentioned in the back of your sd card, so you can record a vedio.

Thank you

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Sead, Check in the camera manual, but Im pretty sure you hold the record bottom dow for 5 sec to initialize / format the card.

hope that helps.


Bo Lorentzen

Hey Ian, the TALI can easily carry other styles of GoPro gimbals, however, it can not operate a miniZen since the TALI do not use a NAZA flight controller.


I bought walkera tali H500 with F12e controler.
Everything working fine but when I try to press record it give me message memory error.I change memory card same problem.
If I want record something I have to press shatter Button than I can record.
Plz help me out.


Is this rig able to accommodate the Zenmuse gimbals or other gimbals for that matter? I would prefer buying this rig without the gimbal, and then installing my own gimbals. Is it plug and play, or would I need to install my own FPV as well?

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