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Bo Lorentzen

Hey Sead, Check in the camera manual, but Im pretty sure you hold the record bottom dow for 5 sec to initialize / format the card.

hope that helps.


Bo Lorentzen

Hey Ian, the TALI can easily carry other styles of GoPro gimbals, however, it can not operate a miniZen since the TALI do not use a NAZA flight controller.


I bought walkera tali H500 with F12e controler.
Everything working fine but when I try to press record it give me message memory error.I change memory card same problem.
If I want record something I have to press shatter Button than I can record.
Plz help me out.


Is this rig able to accommodate the Zenmuse gimbals or other gimbals for that matter? I would prefer buying this rig without the gimbal, and then installing my own gimbals. Is it plug and play, or would I need to install my own FPV as well?


Just ordered my tali h500 for a gopro set up. I asked the dealer about telemetry with the gopro and was told they didn't have it working with the gopro and not sure when it would be available.. Any news out there on this subject? Appreciate any comments.. Thanks.

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Andrew, hard questions sir. but YES, so far the TALI have done what I expected it to do, the APM controller have some "APM issues". the main one is having to land i GPS mode, no big deal, "just do it". I do think the P2 may be more beginner friendly, the TALI is double the weight, and you can feel that and it should affect how you "drive".

I have flow then TALI in 15mph winds, and did not feel uncomfortable, but the video did shake a bit more than flying in still stable air. thats what I would expect.


hey just a question what you think about the tali this model has met your expectations you think something is missing or you think it's a perfect model versus dji Phamton 2 vision and have knowledge about what is the maximum wind that supports this model´╗┐

Carl Gauthier

Hey Alex,
The difference in the 2 RTF versions is the $1306 model has the non-FPV Devo 12E ($169) and the $1899 model has the FPV version of the Devo 12E ($339).

Ken Siggard

This is definitely the best plug and play RC I have ever flown. First time with FPV for me. I learned how to fly multiroters with the Cheerson CX 10 I purchased from them. Great way to learn how to fly for under $20. Everything I learned on that directly transferred into the Taly H500.

Bo Lorentzen

Hey David, the feature is int the APM, however at the moment the flight-controller is locked down by Walkera, we are hoping they will release the FC so we can use the full abilities of the APM controller. ;-)

David Krassoff

Does it have GPS waypoints navigation software option ?

Bo Lorentzen

@Alex, sorry for the slow reply, dang, I don't know what else may be missing..
the main components are the h500, battery, F12e.. then gimbal and camera..
*the F12e retails for about $600


Any idea what accounts for the almost $600 price difference between the two RTF versions on Walkera's website? The $1899 version is obviously all inclusive. The $1309 version looks like all it is missing is the camera and gimbal. The camera is $199 and the gimbal is $169 on the website. Does anyone know what else is missing to account for the "other" $200?

Your unboxing video was great. I know I'm geeked on this when 45 minutes was over in a flash.

Bo Lorentzen

@John Zelek, great feedback, keep it coming. ;-)
Please post some of your video her.


John Zelek

Took the Tali out for a spin after the weather settled down. Figured out how to use the various modes. Labelled the receiver to make it easier to use as the labels are general and not specific to a hexcopter. Flies great, stable, one button take off, auto rotate, return to home all work as advertised. Really cool to flip a switch and watch the gear fold up. Looks very streamlined in that orientation. A few tricks to proper operation. Once I get the mount for the gimbal will be able to view the OSD and fly FPV. Looking forward to being able to buy extra batteries. Well built unit with no defects. Very nice controller as well with built in sun screen that folds out and covers three sides of display. Great value for the money. Will post videos when I get the gimbal mount.

Bo Lorentzen

@Allan, you can purchase this from Walkera's website right now.. that is probably the best price. the $1800 is officially the fully equipped h500, however I see that several resellers are charging 1800 for the heli without the gimbal and camera.. they are making a quick 400 usd extra profit.



Bo Lorentzen

@John Zelek Congratulations on the new copter. everything Ive seen about it is promising.
Sorry about the documentation, they are driving me a bit nuts, wanted me to edit the manual, but I have not yet seen the manual and seems they feel they don't need to work on it. ;-) For direct questions you might want to shoot a email to Lucy at heli-12@walkera.com

John Zelek


Ordered the Tali directly from Walkera in China. Had some challenges getting the order through as their website is confusing. Arrived today but missing the mounting bar that holds the gimbal on the Tali. Too late today to fly but will go tomorrow. Instructions are a real challenge as they were not written by a native english speaker so have to figure out what they mean. Also, no docs on their website yet for the Tali. Very nice looking hexcopter and controller. Much heavier than my Phantom FC40. Will post more comments after flying.

Raymond Jakobsen

Just ordered mine :-)
Will post video on youtube when i get it

Bo Lorentzen

@Georg - there are several auto-drones in the pipeline.. all a little different and all just about the same. ;-)
The phantom defined a new category, with the GPS supported consumer GoPro quad. Personally I think "auto-drones" are going to become the next category. because learning to hand-fly a quad take time, getting really good at it takes a lot more time.

The promise, (which Im sure will be fulfilled) of the auto-drones are simple, push the on-button, click GO on your iPhone and hop on your snowboard.. the drone will continue to follow you down the hill at a specified distance, camera angle etc. Any athlete can buy one and video a performance.. its basically a Flying GoPro.. "toss" it in the air and forget.

The future of these are mostly sensor and software driven. obstacle avoidance sensors etc. and refining the software options.. like put a button on the wristband of the "performer" push the button and the drone do a 360 circle around the performer.. or ability to preprogram "modes" for parts of the run.. like scenic view one place and 360 spin another, then face shot at the easy part and a close shot at the finish line.. how refined the software is, will determine how users use these.

I think they will become a video-maker favorite, its much easier to get a 45 sec shot of a mountain biker with a camera that follows him for 15 minutes, than having me hand-fly the shot and needing to stay somewhat close to the quad. and it will for sure become a big hit on the ski slopes.
how well they do, will depend on the drones ability to avoid pine-trees, other people and other drones. ;-)

Georg Kaefer

Little bit offtopic here... FPV now... autonomous drones in some months: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sqdr/hexo-your-autonomous-aerial-camera?ref=discovery

would be great to hear/read some thoughts about this Project from your Point of view...

Liebe Gruesse,

Bo Lorentzen

@Lucas, currently there is not "HD" downlink, however regular FatShark goggles have build in head-tracking, you can plug them into the back of your radio and use the head tracker to run the gimbal. I frequently use this to drive the gimbal pitch, it is a very natural way of operating a camera.


Add support with Oculus Rift (head movement sync with gimbal) and it will be the hottest stuff on the market. :)

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