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Bo Lorentzen

@Georg - there are several auto-drones in the pipeline.. all a little different and all just about the same. ;-)
The phantom defined a new category, with the GPS supported consumer GoPro quad. Personally I think "auto-drones" are going to become the next category. because learning to hand-fly a quad take time, getting really good at it takes a lot more time.

The promise, (which Im sure will be fulfilled) of the auto-drones are simple, push the on-button, click GO on your iPhone and hop on your snowboard.. the drone will continue to follow you down the hill at a specified distance, camera angle etc. Any athlete can buy one and video a performance.. its basically a Flying GoPro.. "toss" it in the air and forget.

The future of these are mostly sensor and software driven. obstacle avoidance sensors etc. and refining the software options.. like put a button on the wristband of the "performer" push the button and the drone do a 360 circle around the performer.. or ability to preprogram "modes" for parts of the run.. like scenic view one place and 360 spin another, then face shot at the easy part and a close shot at the finish line.. how refined the software is, will determine how users use these.

I think they will become a video-maker favorite, its much easier to get a 45 sec shot of a mountain biker with a camera that follows him for 15 minutes, than having me hand-fly the shot and needing to stay somewhat close to the quad. and it will for sure become a big hit on the ski slopes.
how well they do, will depend on the drones ability to avoid pine-trees, other people and other drones. ;-)

Georg Kaefer

Little bit offtopic here... FPV now... autonomous drones in some months: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sqdr/hexo-your-autonomous-aerial-camera?ref=discovery

would be great to hear/read some thoughts about this Project from your Point of view...

Liebe Gruesse,

Bo Lorentzen

@Lucas, currently there is not "HD" downlink, however regular FatShark goggles have build in head-tracking, you can plug them into the back of your radio and use the head tracker to run the gimbal. I frequently use this to drive the gimbal pitch, it is a very natural way of operating a camera.


Add support with Oculus Rift (head movement sync with gimbal) and it will be the hottest stuff on the market. :)

Bo Lorentzen

@WallyJas - you would need the data transmitter for the telemetry. Im sure putting the h500 data unit into the x350 would likely be plug-n-play

The F12e should be plug-n-play with the x350 off the shelf, except the 350 don't transmit data, so it would not show flight data unless there is a telemetry unit installed in the 350.


I hope Walkera make the F12e compatible with the QR X350 Pro or perhaps even a new an improved version of it! :)

Michael Etherington

When are they sending you one of these to test?!

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Fred, That is a really good question, the APM is the most advanced controller I have seen them use so far, and it seems they are also using it on the x800, so it seems like a smart move.. however, you know how it is. we will know when we see the h500 up close.
I will be doing a build video and a review and test of the h500 as soon as it is available.

Fred Olsen

Bo Do you think they will use the APM ArdruCopter controller. I really like the flexibility that whole system has.
Always enjoy your reviews.
Aloha Fred


It's great to see Walkera leading the way. They are going down the right track creating fully integrated products. These latest evolutions of their range are looking really really good. :)


Hey Bo,

Great site! I have a long medical story that I'll will not get into that brings this comment to you. I spent the last two days looking at YouTube video's for quads and most of today looking at yours, very good stuff. We have some of the same craft. I have two quads and now looking at the QR X350 PRO BNF, Xheli has one for a good price. I have several Walkera radios (seems Walkera walk-in stores have vanished) and other things here including chargers. I just need a battery. Since your "stella gimbal" video piece I have more to research. Thanx for great information.


I'm going to US on the end of august, and if are avaible,will buy one.

please, If you have any news, send to my email and post here ok.

Best regards,

Bo Lorentzen

George, good link.

Georg Kaefer

The Walkera G-3D Brushless Gimbal preview:

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