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Bo Lorentzen

Hey Glen, If you are getting the F7 with your 350pro, don't start editing the settings as you can easily loose some of the functions :-)

Good suggestion, I will look at doing a generalized radio video. thank you :-)

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Tenzin, no idea how you managed that. the group is private and focused strictly on owners. getting kicked out takes some serious commitment :-)


I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of my QR X350Pro, but I've already downloaded the users manuals for both the X350Pro and the Devo F7 transmitter. Here's my question: there are a number of settings referenced in the Devo F7 manual, but to me they are not clear as to exactly what they do (in a practical sense). Bo, could you do a YouTube video explaining some of the more useful settings? I've watched all your videos on the X350Pro, and they are very good and very helpful. Thank you.


This so-called X350 Pro Support Group in Facebook kicked me out for no reason. And I didn't even post anything offensive on the page. How can it be a support group when it's set to secret? The content and discussion should be open to public. It's not like the X350 Pro is some kind of secret military weapon

Bo Lorentzen

Hello Claudio, sorry for the slow reply.

the first times may be taking more time. leave it outside with power for 10-15 minutes and see what kinda signal you get. Even small villages on the dolomites normally have GPS signal. make sure you have a clear view of open sky.. with 120deg view of the sky so it can see enough satellites.

Claudio Gobber

Hello, I have just got my new qr x 350 pro and after the binding before doing compass calibration it doesn't pick up any satellite signal .. no green light flashing on the right. Do you think that I'm doing something wrong? is it possible that in my area there is not satellite coverage? small village on the dolomites in Italy. Sorry to bother I'm new to drones. Thanks a lot Claudio G.

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Terry, thats probably because some 350pro's were shipped without a cable connecting the pitch port on the RX with the gimbal. contact your distributor for the cable / instructions or ask for a unit with the cable installed correctly :-)


Got my 350 pro togather when I power it up my camera points up and can not trim it down with the transmitter? I have I video ok any idea?

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Steve,
I have been told that you can swap the TALI GPS in for the stock one. it will eliminate the need for the leg mounted compass.


Hi Bo,

How can I improve GPS hold mode? I find it bounces too much and moves too much. Do I use MP or something else?

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Quang Chung, You are probably talking about the Yuneec Q500 typhoon?

That is a very very different aircraft. the 350pro is entirely different, its using the APM flight-controller, you can not change how it flies by buying a new Devo radio. you basically need to buy a new flight controller. ;-)

Hope this helps.

Quang Chung

Bo, Great youtube video and instruction. My friend have the X500 Typhoon and I love the x500 controler. My question is, if there is a walkera controller I can buy maybe the Devo 10 (currently have Devo F7) to hover a little easier? Thank you.

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Tony, Walkera and HobbyKing have not come back to you for a simple reason, you are not asking for support on the 350 quad, you are asking them to help you build a custom product, since you have modified the quad its impossible to know how to help you. ;-)
May I suggest joining the 350 Facebook support group, several guys have done what you have done and I have pasted the link to the group repeatedly on this page. :-)

Tony Oswin

Hi Bo,

I have a QR X350,but have upgraded it with a Pro body. My next thought was to upgrade the flight controller of the X350 to the Pro version, the Devo M.

My worry is whether it will be compatible with the rest of the electronics? The other worry as I am still learning RC, is whether my Devo 7 transmitter will need to be re-programmed?

I have looked everywhere for help and neither Walkera, or HobyKing have come back to me.

Many thanks,

Tony Oswin

Bo Lorentzen

Dwayne, the Armattan typically ship with the KK board, however the NAZE is a very popular high-performance board. that would be my pick.


Hi Bo,

Yep, After spending a ton of time reviewing the Armattans and the MB (MutliCopter Builders) - Im looing to go with the FPV frame from Armattan. MB has some great stuff over there so may get one of those eventually prob a mini at first. That guy can really fly. Already got my FatShark Attitude V2s (Kit) so Im very close! I will Go with the Taranis and 8XR receiver.

On your Armattan which flight controller do you like?

Bo Lorentzen

Hello Dwayne, basically if you are going Goggles FPV, all you really need is 7channels, you are right about ignoring the F12e for FPV. unless you use for other stuff as well. however in reality I rarely fly based on the screen, goggles are where its at. a simple radio and go have fun.


Thanks Bo, Im looking at the CF or CNC 355 - those are in stock. So would you go with the Devo F12E and call it a day for FPV, or, go with an FrSky Taranis / Devo F10 (basically cheaper radio) with Fatshark Dominator V2's.

Bo Lorentzen

Dwayne, I would pick up a Armattan quad and modify it for FPV, the RTF builds is great value and so incredible easy to fly. great for getting into FPV.. once you are on the FPV drug, there is no turning back. :-)


Thanks for all the reviews! I am now weighing on what I love the most. The ability to film or the thrill of FPV and fun. I saw a deal with the Walkera 350 PRO and Devo F12E for about $750. Then saw then Scout X4 and it looks so much better. Then you have those Armattan quads that look like so much fun to fly. If I were to get the DEVO F12e I could do some FPV straight away I think. What would you do for your first setup? Or rather what do you find yourself flying most? Ive flown many smaller quads but now moving up to something to hold my mobius camera.

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Ted, sorry for the slow reply, been a couple of busy days here.
WOW> long list of things to do for me. turning a gimbal sideways is pretty easy, or you can just fly sideways and observe the other aircraft. goggles are idea for stuff like that.

YES, I hear you, I get a lot of FPV questions, and its probably getting to be time to do a FPV primer video.

BTW, video of moving object at the end of the flight from yesterday

Ted Byers

I just got my X350Pro. It is looking very nice. I also have a Blade 350 QX2. I am still learning to use these things well, but I wonder if you have compared the two. If so, I would love to see your video record of that comparison. If not, I would love to see an objective comparison of the two. ;-)

I quite enjoyed your reviews of several products, ranging from the Hubsan H107D, through the Walkera Y100, to your review of this, and your followup focused on your first flight.

I wonder if one can point a camera to the side of the copter to record video of another aircraft or two flying beside it. That would be fascinating, especially if there is camera magic that would allow the video to display the turbulence in the air as the aircraft moves through it. Are you aware of any such videos that can be accessed online? If not, are you up to making one or two such videos (granted you'd need the help of a few of your friends)? It would be really cool to see a split screen video showing in the one side, the quad recording all the copters flying to one side of it, and in the other, what it sees.

One last thing. I am still learning to fly these things, but I think you would be well able to produce a series of videos showing how one can learn to fly fpv once one has learned to fly LOS. This is based on how well you did especially with your short video on one's first flight of an X350Pro.

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Chris, no worries, good for you. but please understand. I would give your walkera supplier a call, they should be able to walk you through this fairly quickly.

As for chargers, lots of chargers will do, anyone that have adjustable output, I use some from hobbypeople store, they charge the battery in about 20 minutes and cost about $75 each.
The market is full of old P1 chargers, those will charge the battery in about a hour. just buy a cable to connect to the Walkera plug.

Scott Crider

I'm one of those weird people that don't have (and really don't want) a Facebook account. Is there any other way to access the info?

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Scott, sorry to hear about the crash, the best source for those questions is my Buddy Matt's Facebook ground here:

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