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Bo Lorentzen

@ Doc. don't know what to tell you. the props on the 350pro have a anti-rotation design, they can not rotate, that means they don't loosen the screws during flight. accident investigation would have to conclude that the prop nuts were not firmly secured before flight. remember to check props before each day you fly. stuff happens.. they can be shaking against something in the back of the car while driving etc....
And STICK TO stock props, Matt & I have tested them a lot, the stock props are great props for the money. ;-)

That out of the way. Personally I would probably just buy a BNF 350pro, the $329 is a great price for anything that files. ;-)
BTW. keep in mind the controller, ESC's and motors, probably all work, and you can use all of it on a FPV build later if you like. or put it all on a cheap flame-wheel 450 frame.


doc Baliman

thanks bo!! unfortunately today i had a bad day...one of the propellers fall-off in middle air, and the quad came down like a rock!! crash & burn... Im still with doubts if I buy a new drone (339 usd), or buy each one of the parts separately and assemble myself, since the MAIN CONTROL ($229) apparently was not damaged….
WHAT DO YOU THINK... had to pay my newbie status on this!! :~)

Bo Lorentzen

Doc, check out one of Hobby King's self contained OSD's cost about $50. there are many systems on the market. these contain a GPS and a voltage monitor, you need to attach the gps and then run the video cable from the camera to the OSD, and then connect the video out to the VTX. finally you need to plug the power to the battery terminals so it can measure the actual voltage of the system.

doc Baliman

hi there bo!! when u say: "you would need to put inline a stand-alone OSD system. which is fairly cheap really."
can you please orient me where i can find this online for my walkera? thanks for all!!

Bo Lorentzen

Hej Joe, there is a CD in the kit, that one have the manual for the x350pro and also setup guides for several of the different DEVO radios.


Bo You were correct about the two pots on the gimbal. Thank you for your help.

Would you happen to know a good place to read or watch the set up for a Devo 10 and QR X350. I want to scroll through and confirm all of my settings are correct. Thanks again,

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Doc. In the current incarnation, the 350pro do not deliver GPS info.
you would need to put inline a stand-alone OSD system. which is fairly cheap really.

doc Baliman

HI THERE BO!! im from Chile, so first my English is not too good. I'm wandering if it possible to get an ALTIMETER MEASURE on mi DEVO F7 CONTROLER (with screen) from my QR X350 PRO? I would like to see in the screen how high i'm flying... thanks!

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Sarge, I rewrote the quick-start guide. link is on the top of the page.


Where is the Walkera QRx350pro manual re-write you did can't find the download

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Colin, I would suggest getting one of the 3S Lipo alarm from ebay, solder the two cables to the power board and drill a hole for the beeper, (about 3mm) then stick it on the inside. those do not need setup or anything, and always are connected when you connect the battery.


Hi Bo,

Great review and ideas...thanks
I have purchased the same battery alarm as you suggest (left in your photo above, do you have advice on what level is best to set this to? And also in your picture with it connected to the quad it looks like you have not aligned all of the balance plug.

Bo Lorentzen

Hey BaNe, the main change I do, is to turn OFF the low-voltage forced landing. however with that in mind, its important to use a lipo-buzzer to notify you of low battery. ;-)


Hey, thanks for all the great information and guides! Really appreciate it. But, please include your "TWEAKS TO THE APM" configs for us. That would be very helpful. Thanks again.


Hi i'm from Sweden thanks for review

so excuse my english...

when an RTH is ask, the walkera go to an altitude before come back?
and is this altitude can be change ?

Bo Lorentzen

@ Nathan simply follow the setup instructions in the manual.


hi, im new to quads. what setup should I have on my devo f7 for the 350pro


Hey Bo,

Great site! I'm new to quads and rc's. I have viewed many of your videos and have learned a great deal of information, thank you. I also made a decision to purchase the QR X350 Pro after watching your videos and some others. There is so much different info out there. Anyway I’m in the I.T. industry and love to tinker with configurations.

I have had my X350 for only about 2 weeks, but have completely taken it apart and dumped the F7 settings and rebuilt from scratch. I want to share my finds with you and your readers. I have solved the X350 Pro and iLook tilt and record issue.

I hope I write this without being a geek (I’m constantly asked to repeat what I’ve said in English LOL). Ok, I do not yet know the Walkera terms in the F7 so work with me.

QR X350 Pro should have the RX703A and the Walkera G-2D controller. The original wire configuration out of the box should stay the same with one exception.

On the RX703A: Move the existing cable in AUX1 (PIT) to AUX2. Plug the cable for the G-2D controller into AUX1 on the RX703A. AUX5 stays the same.

RX703A Wire configuration for G-2D tilt and iLook start/stop video recording:
AUX1 – G-2D controller cable
AUX2 – PIT cable
AUX5 – Roll cable

G-2D Wire configuration:
Exactly as the original config states, I plugged the AUX in just so it wouldn’t hang.

Devo F7 Radio settings:

Device Output page
Gear – Mix SW
Flap – Gear SW

I hope this helps and works. I do not have many flight hours at all so if something in the flight operations changed I would never know because I suck in the air LOL (for now).

Bo, I’m local here, do you ever meet up with local flyers? I go to Van Nuys “you know the place” and up the hill from the Golf Course on the mountain in Burbank. It would be cool to fly with a pro!


Bo Lorentzen

@Dennis, Thank you for pointing out the Lotos use the battery beeper. really it is something any quad should have, and as you mentioned, those are loud and its hard to forget to land when you hear the beeper.

Dennis Rogers

You say no quad manufacture has not used a battery alarm beeper? I also have a lotus T580P+ which comes with a beeper, and man it is loud, you cannot miss it.

Bo Lorentzen

@Bryon, I have been messing with it, basically it looks like they "forgot" a cable ha ha. its not a big deal, but kinda annoying. I will have a bit on fixing this in the review video.

bryon kerslake

Bo,Have you found out from walkera about switching on and off the camera by using the transmitter,regards bryon.

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Joe, have you tried using the little pot to adjust the pitch on the gimbal base.? there is two next to each other, I seem to think the one closer to the edge is the pitch centering. turn it a little until gimbal centers.

Let me know if that do the trick.

joe gamboni

Good Sir, I have watched your videos and read quite a few of your blogs. I am searching for an answer to a gimbal problem I have with the Walkera 2g and Gopor. My camera points downward and I can only adjust it with the aux 4 know to come up ro only about 70 degrees ( assuming the horizon to be zero) I have not been able to find the problem. Would you know if it is a programming problem or one with the gyro. ANy help would be appreciated,




i'm from belgium, so excuse my english...

when an RTH is ask, the walkera go to an altitude before come back?
and is this altitude can be change ?

thank you.

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