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Bo Lorentzen

Hello Ed,
The TALI is not doing well with the RX100 kit. its just a bit too heavy. if you want to fly the RX100, take a deep beath and wait for the Scout X8 to be released. thats a 8 motor version of the Scout X4, its a seriously powerful little quad. and able to fly a RX100 for probably about 10 minutes.


Hello Bo! nice page,work and videos,great job ...
I need to buy a Tali H500 carbon fiber RTF kit. gimbal 3S Sony RX100.

Do you know where I could go to buy a precise Tali as this one?
before hand.... thank you Bo very much.

Posted by: Ed.

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Marijus, the Tali can lift the RX100 gimbal, however its "heavy" and you get a flight time of about 10 minutes.
I would suggest wait and buy the Scout X8 when it is released form the factory.


Hi Bo. How do you think is there any chance Walkera approves G-3S gimbal for Tali?

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Steve, sorry for the slow reply, I use the plug-n-play cable from readymadeRC.com


Bo Lorentzen

Thank you Tiny, when charging the switch should be in the ON position. then press the power button to turn the green lights on.

Bo Lorentzen

Hello Hani, the BMPCC is a bit heavy for the TALI, you need something a bit more powerful, like the X800.
That said, nope the BMPCC do not fit in the RX100 gimbal. to fly that you might want to look at the TP300 from www.tppacks.com


Hello Bo Lorentzen, I would like to know if there is any possible way to fly the BMPCC with this craft? dose the BMPCC fit in the G-3S gimbal? or is there any other gimbal that fits on this craft to carry the BMPCC?

thank you

Steve Lemieux

Bo, I need some help. I recently got the Immersion RC 600mw 5.8 GHz A/V Transmitter for the Gopro Hero 3. However, I need a cable that doesn't require me to solder and acts as a plug and play. I can't solder and don't want to try. This is the only link that shows me anything about the H500 and the Gopro but requires soldering the cable. Please Help!

Here is the link I mentioned.


hi Bo, in the above info you say;
"On the back of the battery there is a sliding switch for with positions for OFF / ON. for every day storage, and forcharing, leave the switch in the OFF position."

I've tried both on & off, still charges.
The official info from Walkera is to have the battery turned ON for charging! There are instructional videos that show this as well.
Is there a reason why you would prefer the battery off when charging?

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Jack, go post that question in the forum either I, Matt or one of the many other TALI users can answer that for you.



I have downloaded the firmware upgrade from Walkera however, I am receiving an error message when I power the Tali H500 that says "Custer size wrong - please format". Does anyone know what to do with this?

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Simon - The telemetry on the TALI is transmitted through the RX, this is differently than the A2 setup that send telemetry either through a OSD in the video (you can see that on the screen of a F12e, OR through the LightBridge.

So far I have had good experience with the F12e, the screen is not as bright as you could wish for and the alternative may be to purchase a separate screen with diversity receivers build in, and mount it to a Dev 12 instead of the Devo F12e radio.?

simon webb

Hi all,

will this Devo F12E Radio with Telemetry work properly with the DJi s900 with A2 gps?
i am currently looking at the Futaba 14SGH 14-Channel 2.4GHz Heli Computer Radio System Mode 2 but is expensive. This product has enough channels and would be interested to know an opinion on the functioning between the remote and the Dji s900+A2

Thanks a mil!

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Tiny, that is a great question, we have posted the settings in the document area of the Facebook forum, there is "Matt's safety params" read the instructions carefully, and also please ask questions. :-)

Personally I fly with 30m RTH setting, and have the TALI set to not land on RTH, but instead hover at 2m, then I can take over and land manually.


Hi Bo, thanks for your informative testing & review.

You here that: "RTH Climbs to 15meters by default, if there are trees taller than 15m or buildings in between the h500 and the home landing point.. the h500 will crash into these. you can manually edit the altitude setting if you need more altitude for your flying area."

Is that 15m relative to take off point Alt? assuming yes.

Where do I find the setting to adjust the Alt for RTH selectable & fail safe?


Bo Lorentzen

Hey Knut, yeah the X4 is pretty awesome, it flies like a dream.. and its also coming out as a X8, that will be a great little monster quad ;-)
here is my review of a pre-production sample https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BF-pw5Ggd6M


The new WOW machine:


Greets from Germany

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Georg, the AP10 and AP100 is a big interesting crafts, I have not talked with them, but will see if we can manage a loaner for a review. (no promises.)

Bo Lorentzen

Good find Knut, That definitely look like some level of mission planner on a iPad ;-)


Some news for our Tali s.

a new flight planning software (seen on a iPad mount)

and OSD:


Georg Käfer

Hi Bo,
Would love to see a review about the AEE F100. I saw the company at photokina.
The AP10 was flying live... They too showed a five times bigger sized, the AP100. Same as the AP10 just bigger.

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Stefan, sure, its a low-powered and light unit at about 150grams. however it may be a bit hard to balance it in the G-3D gimbal, so you may need something a bit more industrial to hang it on. but yes for sure, the TALI can easily fly it. and its not rocket science to hook it up.



Is it possible to use a FLIR TAU 2 infrared camera, instead of a GoPro or the iLook+?

Thanks in advance


Bo Lorentzen

Hey Marcelo, You can set the iLook+ to "picture" to take the picture you flip a switch on the radio down, hold for about 1 sec, then flip it back up.
The RX100 gimbal have video out for downlink, however it do not have a shutter activation, for video you start record before flying, however nothing is preventing you from making a small servo trigger for the shutter. then you can use the same switch on the radio as used for the iLook+

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