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Bo Lorentzen

Hey Stefan, sure, its a low-powered and light unit at about 150grams. however it may be a bit hard to balance it in the G-3D gimbal, so you may need something a bit more industrial to hang it on. but yes for sure, the TALI can easily fly it. and its not rocket science to hook it up.



Is it possible to use a FLIR TAU 2 infrared camera, instead of a GoPro or the iLook+?

Thanks in advance


Bo Lorentzen

Hey Marcelo, You can set the iLook+ to "picture" to take the picture you flip a switch on the radio down, hold for about 1 sec, then flip it back up.
The RX100 gimbal have video out for downlink, however it do not have a shutter activation, for video you start record before flying, however nothing is preventing you from making a small servo trigger for the shutter. then you can use the same switch on the radio as used for the iLook+


Can you take a pictures instead of filming using iLook or the new gimbal for sony rx 100 m3?

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Knut, yes its out, Matt and I have been testing versions of it for a couple of weeks. it is a big improvement in stability. get it from Walkera's official site. (some of the dealers have put the earlier beta versions on their sites, you should make sure to use the official version.)


Have you seen this?


There's a new firmware out.

Bo Lorentzen

@ Knut, thats the new awesome mini-TALI, obviously Geektor got some pictures already, sorry can't share details yet.

Bo Lorentzen

@Artmatt, I always recommend using a pair of Spyronet antennas. I typically fly with a spyronet antenna, but but a 3 or 5 turn helical antenna on the radio, you have to point that antenna in the direction of the TALI, but it should give you nice solid video past 500m easily.

If YOU started the RTH, then you can flip the switch back to GPShold and keep flying. if you did fly out of range and the system started RTH, then you should let it land, and power-cycle, this will restore full control.
Note RTH is not related to the video performance at all, as its using the 2.4ghz control for flying.

ALSO note.. NEVER turn on the iLook+ camera or the F12E without antennas securely installed, doing so, WILL damage the transmitters. and can result in dramatically reduced range.

Bo Lorentzen

@ Peter, ouch sorry to hear about this. sounds like you burned out the one serve, it was trying to lift but never got there. you need to order a couple of fresh landing-gear-servos from Walkera.
In the mean time, pop the busted leg out by pulling it sideways out of the body. you can then unscrew the retract servo. and manually put the leg in the down position. put the entire thing back together and push it back into the body. now you can start & land normally.
I normally get parts from Dave, but strangely he is not showing the servo. alternatively shoot a email to iris at Walkera her email is hell-05@walkera.com tell her I said you needed a new servo. (you may want to get two just in case, its always good to have a spare)

make a habit, ALWAYS push all switches UP on the radio before you turn it on. this is a flying system, and making a check-list is a good idea.. pilots do it and checklists are considered essential to keeping airplanes in the air, because one forgotten thing tend to down or mess-up a aircraft. ;-) trust me.. you are not the first.

Peter Butel

Having fun with my H500, but an oďd thing happened today. Accidentally started the copter with the landing gear switch in the up position while the copter was still in the ground. Quitched to the down position when I realised it, (the legs didn't flip up at the time). After takeoff flipped it again and only one retracted, and after that neither would move at all! Frustrating now as I had to fly with one hand, and catch it in the other! Anyone able to help, or have I killed the landing servos? (It buzzs when I flip the gear down switch, but no movement). BTW, today was only my second flight. (Rank novice). Thanks in advance...


Video is weak right from go. What is expected range for good video? And does poor video kick it into come home mode ? Is there an after market antenna to get more better range on video ?
Last question. Once you loose video or control, and quad is on way home , what is best way to re take control.?

Bo Lorentzen

@ John, Normally my go-to for walkera parts is here.. http://walkerahelicoptersupply.com/collections/tali-h500-parts

but they don't have stock yet. you probably need to shoot a email to the guys at www.iuasinc.com



Do you know where I can purchase a full set of landing gear including the servos that I can slide in and replace a broken one? Need the carbon black version. Thanks in advance.


Bo Lorentzen

@James, good questions.
1. If the H500 loose contact to the F12e, then it will automatically start the RTH process. sit down, enjoy your soda and wait for it to come home.
2. The F12e, can fly a Phantom, but you will need to change the RX in the Phantom, lots of work for little benefit.
2b. yes the G-3D can work fine on a Phantom, and its quite light, it come with a JST power connector and can use 3S power. so just attach and plug it in.

James Capozzi

Bo, thank you so much for all this info! I have my H500 and have been enjoying it! I do have two questions:
1) what happens if the H500 loses communication from the F12E? Can I configure the failsafe plan? How?

2) Can the F12E work with my DJI Phantom? Can the G3D Gimbal work on the phantom? In your unboxing video you said it came with extra cable to hook it up to different drones.

Thanks so much!!

Bo Lorentzen

@ artmaat Sorry for the slow reply. the intermittent connection is concerning me, is it the video or the control link thats intermittent.?

Bo Lorentzen

Knut, the G-3D do not offer YAW control, that is because it is a yaw-dampening gimbal. you pan by yawing the entire aircraft, the gimbal then smooth out the experience for the camera.


Has anybody tested to change the gimbal connection from roll to yaw?
Don't know any reason to change roll in flight - controlling yaw seems to be more intelligent.


Hey guys, new to forum. Great videos and reviews Bo. Love the spirit.

On my first few flights in the H500 I had a lot of "old school " screen interference and snow on my video screen. Any idea what range I should be getting with a good viewable screen. ( understanding the poor contrast etc. More concerned about actual connection.). Was flying with intermittent connection which eventually went into "return to home".

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Knut.
On no.. RTFM again. so press 5 seconds and it start to auto-format.? thats brilliant.

Tell me you also figured out how to set the date.?


Thx Bo!
Realized it by myself today ;-)

Just a litte tip to avoid confusion of "my camera tells me a error message".
Saw this confusing vid on youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNnlWlKl_MY).
Thought 'Oh my god, production failures'.
All you have to do better than switching 'tatsuya' is formating the SD by the iLook.
How to do? Insert the SD, push the power button for 5secs and wait till the formatting process is finished. (Read the manual ;-) )

Bo Lorentzen

Hey ED, I have traveled with the TALI in a AirCase, works OK.. but the narrow side is 19 inches. so it takes one of their monitor cases, the cases are made for two monitors, and could be used to transport two TALI bodies.. I tend to bring two for jobs anyway (S800 or cinestar) so that second BNF body would fit right in there.

But the size is a issue, and there is no doubt a P2 case is much easier to travel with.

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Knut,
Remember to start the video, flip the switch down, hold it for a little more than 1 sec, then flip it back up.. you should now see a red DOT on the your screen and also a record-timer counting up the time you have recorded.

IMPORTANT.. and the END of the recording.. repeat the process.. flip the switch DOWN-hold-UP again.. that stops the recording and save the file.. the camera will not save the file if it get disconnected from power before the recording have been stopped. You can also stop the recording by pushing the button on the camera.


Do you have any idea whats worn with the iLook+ if its recording .... nothing?
(OK - Camera was switched on - transmitter switch was on record - nothing on the SD)
Missed first flight :(

(ach so, kannste noch deutsch?)

Greets Knut

N.B.: Have a idea to mod the gimbal - will tell it soon)

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