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Bo Lorentzen

Hello Marijus, You are confusing the battery SIZE with actual consumption. yes the ImmersionRC 600mw can power the GoPro.. (I do it already)

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Jose, I think Dave have the carbon in stock, email him to check, I think the black is actually carbon, because I think the scout is only made in white, grey, and carbon.
Yes the GoPro kit is compatible with GoPro4

Jose Grau

Bo Jiose here, first I want to thank you for answering my question!!! Yes I was already leaning towards the Scout, now, do you have any suggestions as to where I could buy the carbon GoPro version? I'm also hoping to find a local or a US dealer that can also provide decent customer support if problems should arise. Is the GoPro version compatible with the newer GoPro 4 black edition? Thank you again!! Hey last question, have you ever considered making a video/review of the Scout aiming at showing real world flight time and real world overall performance? I've only seen your video where you are using the smaller battery on the pre-production model. Thank you Bo!!!!


Hello Bo,

are you sure the 600 mW transmitter's 5V output is not overloaded by Gopro 4 camera? Because in transmitter's user manual is written that 5V output could supplay max. 300 mA, when Gopro 4 takes about 600-1000 mA ?

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Jose, well, glad you added "I have RC experience" otherwise I would have said start with something smaller, but if you are comfortable with how these things fly. get a scout, I know several RC heli pilots who rocks these. its fast, much faster than a P2. you can remove the gimbal by releasing just one lock screw, fly without the payload and retract the legs, then let it rock. BTW. I buy white props for tail-feathers, to make orientation easier.

* the Scout X4 is easier and friendlier than the TALI, however for goggles FPV, Im loving the TALI in all out manual, its a great airplane, but I would start with the X4.

Hope that helps.

Jose Grau

Hello ! My name is Jose from Californis City CA. Hey I've been watching your videos/reviews on the PV2+,Walkera Tali h500 and the new Scout x4. First let me express my gratitude for taking the time to make those videos. I am completely new to the aerial photography and R/C UAV's. I'm on the market to get my first UAV but cannot decide which one is the best from the three aircraft mentioned above. Originally I was leaning towards the phantom plus, but the flyaway issues made me think twice about it. Then I discovered you reviews on the two latest Walkera birds and now I can't decide. What would recommend for a person who is getting started in the hobby? I do know that I want to get a GoPro ready aircraft. So I guess that eliminates the phantom. Which of the two newer Walkera birds you think is the best option for a new pilot? I do have previous experience with R/C airplanes/helicopters. Thank you!!!!

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Jeff, no need to calibrate the F12e, its ready to fly from the factory, you should avoid getting into the settings of the radio. ;-)

Jeff Pattek


I just purchased at tali H 500, How do you calibrate the Transmitter, I am having a huge problem with this? Perhaps you can share a video of the steps, thanks

Bo Lorentzen

Brad, the h500 and X4 props are shaped / rounded prop blades.
Walkera need to make specific "pusher" props to attach from below



For the x8 configuration of the x4 scout the opposite four motors do they need to be purchased with opposite threads for the props IE counter rotate or just use the same threads as the motors it comes with and use a push prop instead of a Pull Prop and the props spin the same direction above and below? Any help here would be great!!

Bo Lorentzen

Hello Marijus,

Yes that should work fine, Im powering the ImmersionRC 600mw, which is connected and power my GP4 from one plug, the OSD don't use much power so you should be fine, Im also powering a third-party gimbal from the other port, have not had any problems.


Hello. How much current (mA) could be taken from each of Tali's 12V ports? Is it possible to power ImmersionRC 600mW VTx, Gopro 4 camera and ImmersionRC EzOSD from one 12V port? Thank you.

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Eric, Before you start flying remember the h500 is on the light side to fly a 650gram payload.

there is a set of cables, those should plug into the back of the gimbal, put the power plug into the power port on the belly of the h500 the cable named AV sig should connect to a TX5803 transmitter.

Hope this helps

Eric K.

I just received my walkera g-3s gimble unit. Can you tell me how I can install the unit with the sony rx100ii to Tali 500 and how i can get the video show on the transmitter? thank you so much!!!

Bo Lorentzen

Check out this guy selling a BL CineStar gimbal

Bo Lorentzen

Thats not a particularly big payload, we can easily fly it, just not with a h500 ;-)

I would suggest a TP1000 gimbal or a old CineStar gimbal. and either a cinestar or something similar to fly this on. actually, I have a love of BL Cinestar gimbals, the permanently fixed legs, keeps pilots from landing on the camera,
Build a cinestar clone with a SuperX or the new MiniX controller. 800grams is not a LOT, so maybe build it as either a X8 or a Y6 either of these are very redundant, I have lost a prop on a Y6 and landed with no panic.
That said. Im really also a big fan of the SkyHero airframes.. their X8 with a SuperX would be a pretty nice travel worthy platform.

BTW. its pretty easy to save a little weight, just print a GoPro 3D rig as a "frame-mount" instead of the waterproof version.

I was going to email you, but there were no email on the form. ;-)


Hi Bo. I am searching for a drone and 3d gimbal combo to mount a Hero 3 3D enclosure with 2x Ninja Star recording off HDMI.
Total is about 800gm

For a handheld gimbal, I guess CAME 7000 will work.
For aerial, I am getting really frustrated.
Any suggestions ?

Bo Lorentzen

Hello Ed,
The TALI is not doing well with the RX100 kit. its just a bit too heavy. if you want to fly the RX100, take a deep beath and wait for the Scout X8 to be released. thats a 8 motor version of the Scout X4, its a seriously powerful little quad. and able to fly a RX100 for probably about 10 minutes.


Hello Bo! nice page,work and videos,great job ...
I need to buy a Tali H500 carbon fiber RTF kit. gimbal 3S Sony RX100.

Do you know where I could go to buy a precise Tali as this one?
before hand.... thank you Bo very much.

Posted by: Ed.

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Marijus, the Tali can lift the RX100 gimbal, however its "heavy" and you get a flight time of about 10 minutes.
I would suggest wait and buy the Scout X8 when it is released form the factory.


Hi Bo. How do you think is there any chance Walkera approves G-3S gimbal for Tali?

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Steve, sorry for the slow reply, I use the plug-n-play cable from readymadeRC.com


Bo Lorentzen

Thank you Tiny, when charging the switch should be in the ON position. then press the power button to turn the green lights on.

Bo Lorentzen

Hello Hani, the BMPCC is a bit heavy for the TALI, you need something a bit more powerful, like the X800.
That said, nope the BMPCC do not fit in the RX100 gimbal. to fly that you might want to look at the TP300 from www.tppacks.com


Hello Bo Lorentzen, I would like to know if there is any possible way to fly the BMPCC with this craft? dose the BMPCC fit in the G-3S gimbal? or is there any other gimbal that fits on this craft to carry the BMPCC?

thank you

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