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Bo Lorentzen

Hey Andrew,
The follow me was available only on KickStarter for $299, its on HobbyWow now, but not as great of a deal, and frankly I would ABSOLUTELY not suggest buying this kit without the remote-control.. as the Follow-me system is scary.


Hi BO I just enjoy watching your video clips on drones....But can you tell me where I can get Flypro Xeagle,the $299.00 low end drone? Thanks I learn a lot from you

Bo Lorentzen

Hey FirstQuadcopter, I have the same problem, tried 5+ times and finally gave up. I fired it up and let it sit about 10 minutes until it had solid GPS lock, then power-cycled it, and it acquired GPS in abut 30 seconds after the first lock. I let it sit another couple minutes and then pressed take-off. worked perfect. just make sure you give it TONS of time the first time to get a solid GPS. and rock solid GPS is what this is all about.


Hi Bo,

I received this quad yesterday but I can't calibrate it.
Nothing happens if I press the follow button, the status lights remain green...so can't start the calibration...

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