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Bo Lorentzen

Hey Gregory, I returned the PowerEye to PowerVision a while back, so can't check, but 99% sure there is a firmware check / upgrade option on the tablet under the aircraft settings.
Also give PowerEye a call, they can definitely explain the correct procedure.


do we need updates or how do we know id the powereye is up to date. dji lets ya know and its easy to update.
I just got this last week and am very used to dji and was wondering how do i check for updates on the bird and how to change altitude settings on return home function if i ever have to use it.

Court Johnson

Do I understand correctly; there are no programmed fail safe modes to return the quad to home should a failure in communication (lost link) or low battery level occur? If this is the case a system failure easily escalates into a lost quad.

Thanks for your input...

Court Johnson

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Dhruvil,
Not sure how they are doing this, maybe shoot a email to them at their website at www.PowerVision.me :-)


How many frames per second can camera work?

How do you do object detection?

I am using 3dr solo and using Hero 4 go pro camera for object detection. I am using opencv library but I am getting blurred image some how.

I just want to know, Do you process video or image?

Bo Lorentzen

Hey David, Yes and no...
With a iPhone or iPad tablet, since the connection to the handset is WiFi hotspot based. You can use apples lightning to HDMI out adapter and double tap on the screen to hide the control interface. double tap again to show the control interface.
Same thing with a Android tablet with a HDMI out port.

david peterson

Hey fpv guy! I only want to know about live broadcasting and hdmi out; does it do this? Secret Agent productions!

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Richard,
Great questions.
1. yes its a full on dual operator quad. you bind the second radio to the first and it controls the gimbal yaw-pitch. and the camera operator see the gimbal cam, the pilot can chose which one to see.
2. its 180deg rotation to each side from front center. less than the inspire, and it dont do the "flip" for the never ending rotation trick.

Richard Gilmore

Hi Bo, so its really a dual operator machine, how about Gimbal Yaw? Is it 360'or does it have limits? If it is limited by means of a mechanical stop.... does the aircraft do the spin like inspire 2?? Or does pilot have to yaw the craft to allow a full rotation? Thanks

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