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Bo Lorentzen

Hello Mark, mine was bone-stock I never edited it at all.


What PID settings did you use? And what software? Please help, mine is not working.... When i turn it on, it goes haywire (rolls and pitches) like its possessed...

Bo Lorentzen

@ Lee, google Hummer brushless gimbal, it can be found by several suppliers. it normally come fully assembled, all inclusive and ready to fly. obvious, also consider the awesome xAircraft STELLA brushless gimbal which is the best I have tried.


where can I get one of these? Does it come with all mechanical parts, motros and contorller?


Hey there....great video by the way. I bought this gimball last year from simon. I took it out for one test run and it worked great. Then the weather got bad and the snow came. So I never used it for the past few months. Now I go to use this gimbal and its not responding. I have tried the reset button and its drops dead for a few seconds and then it tries to re-calibrate itself. But it doesn't seem to. I can't seem to get a hold of Simon. Any ideas???? Can I manually recalibrate it.

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