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Bo Lorentzen

Hey lao, Well if you are looking for every bit of a edge you can get, I would go for the 2s 1500mah 35-70c as the higher C value means they will maintain voltage longer (maybe another minute or so)


Thanks Bo,

I was looking for a 1500 mah,

which one is the best compromise here:


Thanks again ( sorry, i m asking too many questions :()

Bo Lorentzen

Hey lao, welllllll good question. bottom line, you can't haul a whole not more with the Horten-X without it starting to fly like a brick. you may be able to use some tuningly 2s 1500mah's the most. (I seem to recall the stock ones are 1000mah)


Hello Bo,

Thanks again for the reply.

I got a last question regarding batteries.

Which batterie i could use to increase flight time?

I can remove the battery holder and use rubber bands, i don't care about the "look" :)

I got a light fpv kit on my hoten x and i have also removed canopy.

My fpv kit weight in total: 32grams

What's the max weight this quad can carry?

Thanks in advance



Bo Lorentzen

Hey lao, yes technically speaking you can put a microphone on there, but honestly, I would avoid soldering the VTX, there is sound on the video you record with the Mobius.


Hi Bo,

Thanks for the reply, i wont fly out of sight anyway.

I used google maps distance tool and, 300m is already "far", sound enough for me.

I have a last question:

I want to connect a microphone to my vtx just to hear to motors sound. CAn i connect a electret microphone directly to vtx sound input without using a amplifier?

there's the microphone:

thank you

Bo Lorentzen

Hey lao, basically stay close, keep in mind most quads are not really made for more than 1000m, in terms of flight time and getting back on the same battery. ultimately you need to do a range-test to validate what you have obtained from the modification. before you fly out of range.

Bo Lorentzen

Hey johnny, Yes I have tested the RX706 with the F4 and it works, obviously its not a 7ch radio so you don't get the full value. :-)

This is where I got the RX706 http://walkerahelicoptersupply.com/collections/qr-x800-parts/products/qr-x800-z-59-receiver-devo-rx-706


Thanks Bo,

I will put a external 2.4ghz as i did for the devof4 vrx mod.

Do you have an idea of what the max safe range i can get with a devo f4?

Since i started fpv, i m really tempted to fly further, but i m scared by losing the tx signal.


Did you test this rx706 with F4 personaly? they are hard to find a RX706... Do you know more Devo receivers with ppm?

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Johnny, yes you could use the F4, You can use the Walkera RX706 for PPM out. Plug the cable into the data-bus port.
That said, I would consider a Devo7 because then you also have channels for the flight-modes ;-)
*also you really can not fly a FPV mini-quad with the build in screen, you need goggles to really see what is going on .


Can I use this F4 with a blackout mini H quad using naze32?
If so is there also a ppm receiver from walkera?

Bo Lorentzen

Hey lao, I love the Hoten-X its just a friendly aircraft. easy to get along with and easy to fly.

OK the low-down on the F4 is.. its not really the F4 thats the problem.. its the little antenna on the Hoten-X which frequently is hidden by the body of the Hoten-X
but you can help it.. if you buy a directional antenna and mount it on the F4, so it project its signal power to the aircraft. that will keep more signal on the antenna.


Hi Bo,

I m flying a ... Hoten x, not really the latest must have drone, but it's a really good fpv plateform.

I finally bought the HK qanum v2 and a RC832 receiver with cloverleaf antennas.

I got a 600 tvl 1177 camera and a 200mx video tx from eachine.



the fpv system wights 22 grams withe wires.
I fly it really far, but i don't trust the devo f
4 regarding the range, so i m thinking to mod it if it's doable.

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Lao, Yes technically speaking you can do that. Im not sure what you are flying, but keep in mind that typically the biggest problem is the video range, the control range typically go further than the video.


Hey Bo,

Thanks for the reply.

I mean the remote control 2.4ghz antenna, i have already do this one for the 5.8 ghz video signal.

Can i use this antenna for the 2.4ghz antenna mod: http://www.banggood.com/Wholesale-Dual-Band-2_4-or-5_8Ghz-6dBi-RP-SMA-Omni-Directional-Wireless-WiFi-Router-Antennas-p-49578.html?p=YL2512105842201212FR

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Lao, yes you can use this mod for a Walkera F4 or F7 radio, to increase the range I suggest a 5+ turn helical antenna.


Hi BO,

Can i use this mod for the TX antenna?
and which antenna i could use to increase my tx range?

thanks in advance


Thanks for the tuto ! :) A must have !

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