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Hi Fpvguy!

i m resurecting this post to ask you about that 2 grams fpv camera.

Where can i get a similar one? is the fov wide enough and image quality good for fpv?

Thanks in advance

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Hoten Fan, there are so many problems with the DV04, my advise, stop messing with it get a KeyCam 808 #16D instead, its light and SOOOO much better than the DV04.

The biggest problems for FPV with the DV04 is that it have a big delay, so sometimes you need to wait 1-2 seconds for the video picture to come out, you will hear the crash before you see the video. ;-)

Seconds it drops frames, so if there is too much action in the frame, it will be overwhelmed and not record all of the frames.

thirdly.. well lets list the bright light issue. ;-)

Bottomline.. avoid the DV04 for FPV. use the walkera TX5803 transmitter and a KeyCam 808, its safer and better, and the video is better.

Hoten fan

The problem with the DV04 seems to me not a buffering. Turnd out, that bright light stops the camera. If it runs indoor or on a cloudy day, its ok. But if it "looks" to a place with direct sunlight or something other bright, it freeses the picture. I think, a little sunglass would help, cos the cam is able to compense low lightlevels.
I tryed 2 other new DV04 cams with the same results.

James Bonito

Cool Bo will do

Bo Lorentzen

James, the riverbed flight was flown with FatShark goggles rather than looking at the video-screen on the F7. you should try live video with the Hoten in a open space sometime, unfortunately the DV04 camera buffers, that is those pauses you see, making it completely useless for real FPV. I would suggest getting the Hobbyking FatShark starter kit with their new recording 720P flight camera, it is a great little kit and you can transfer the camera to other quads in the future. check the link here http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__43057__FatShark_Teleporter_V3_RTF_FPV_Headset_System_w_Camera_and_5_8G_TX.html

James Bonito

Wow Bo very cool ... looking forward to watching more of your stuff i watched the riverbed video earlier . tough to do for me , watching the TX that is.. I must try that lol later my friend

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