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Bo Lorentzen

Hey Frank, sorry for the slow reply, you probably want to check out my 350pro build video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V9x4tyjvzfw
actual product trouble shooting is a bit out of the scope of the blog, however I would start by contacting Walkera's support and then check out the QR350 support group on Facebook.

Sam Carlylye


I recently purchased a QRX 350 Pro and Devo 7. I am totally new to this and thought this would be a simple set-up but know flying is a whole complicated story and need to keep safety first in mind. I have not installed the propellers for safety, but have charged the batteries to test. I can get the gimble and camera working but not the quad. I have tried everything on the install manual and videos with no luck. Can you please provide a "see spot run" guide to get the copter working? The copter motors do flutter for a second when I power up so I think it has something to do with the F7 programming. Appreciate the help. Thanks. Sam

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Mike, I don't have a lot of insight on the original 350, I would get a lipo-alarm (check ebay) for the battery, that will start screaming when the battery get low.

You have a newer version of the 350, so should not have issues with the landing, they did do a couple of firmware fixes have the 350 should work as advertised at this time. do check out my first-flight video for the 350 pro and follow those suggestions.. :-)

mike m.

hi again bo,

just have one last question for now.

as said earlier, i have x350 not pro ver., is there a low battery alarm that warns you either thru the tx or blinking lights on the uav itself? if it does, how much time do you have to bring it in when it happens? i read a post in rcgroups.com that said his went "off" and it dropped out of the sky just a couple of secs. after. i was led to believe that if the tx lost signal to uav or battery got too low, it would come back by itself regardless if it was in manual mode,gps hold or return to home. can you give me some insight to this? like to find out before i try this out.

thank you bo!

mike m.

thank you! i`ll leave you know how it goes.

Bo Lorentzen

With the TX5803, you should just need to plug the DV04 cable into the TX, the TX provide the power for the camera, and then simply plug the TX5803 into the quad per Walkeras instructions, IF they have no instructions, the way I normally power stuff, and did do it on the qx350 was by cracking the shell open and soldering a JST pigtail to two of the cables for a ESC, red to red and black to black, done. pull it out of the shell and you can plug the TX5803 into it. I do think the TX have a special plug, so you need to cut the power lead and connect a female JST plug. most gimbals use JST plugs for power, so that way you can move it to other systems etc. and the JST plug fit in the Walkera TALI and SCOUT power-plugs


yeah, I`m using the 5803 as supposed to in the so-called manual. going to try it as an fpv thru the f7 tx. I know there will be some or a lot of latency, but it will give me a " feel " for the thing though. recording will be done mostly.

appreciate the help!

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Mike, no worries, we will get you sorted out. :-)
I don't recall the connection on the DV04, Im guessing you are using it as a recording camera more than a flight cam. or are you hooking it up to the TX5803?

I would normally recommend getting a keycam 808 #16D because that is something you can charge and stick on there and it works great, you can also hook up a keycam to a TX5803 or a ImmersionRC video transmitter.

mike m.

thanks for getting back to me. i`m alone out here where i live in PA. ( as far as AMA groups & other rc`ers ) i taught myself how to build & fly airplanes & heli`s. getting my feet wet so to speak in uav`s. i been flying a traxxas alias for a year now and its getting boring, hence the purchase of the qr x350. basically, i just need some instructions on wiring up the dv04 cam to the quad. the manual is awful and it just has a diagram pic for wiring it up. you said the dv04 cam is not very good for fpv, thats ok, i`ll work up to a better cam for fpv but i just need a little instruction on how to wire it up to the quad so i don`t short something out. this type of quad is all new to me and i have no one to show me how. the quad itself is easy to get ready, just the camera i don`t understand.

any help here would be so much appreciated.

thanks for your bo!

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Mike, Unfortunately I have not made any videos dealing with the DV04, I did check it out, but it pause the video in flight, so its not useful for FPV flight. its fine for recording while flying though.

mike m.


i just finished looking at the video you did for the qr x350 pro set-up. it was nicely done!

but, since i didn`t have the $800+ for the pro fpv version i settled on the xr350 fpv ver. it came w/ the dv04 cam.

asking a favor, do you have maybe an older guide you made for this version i could follow? i can`t seem to find anything as nicely done as yours for that older 350. thanks for your time!

Bo Lorentzen

You could just download the manual posted to the blogpost. see the top of the post, update nr 2. ;-)

Nathan H

hello, I own a qr-x350 and I messes up the remote settings. can anybody send me the Devo7 parameter file for the quad? I cannot seem to find on the walkera site, they only have the quad parameters.
my email is [email protected]

Jeroen Schiks

Even a 2800 fits fine. Also there is a mod now to bypass the low voltage protection.



It's a heap of junk.

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Stu, Can't wait to see more videos from you.

5-6 minutes seems a bit short flying a naked x350, I would guess you might be living at altitude.? I get about 5 minutes safely with the gimbal mounted.

Stu Gledhill

Hi again Bo,

Many thanks for previous reply, it swayed me and my X350 arrived 2 days ago :-) Had first flights yesterday before wind kicked up (again!) and was delighted. Only slight concern is short flight times, didn't time 'em but only felt like 5 or 6 minutes, and that was without any payload yet. What sort of times are you getting with gimbal and camera attached?
BTW thanks for subscribing to me on Youtube - more to follow with the new quad when time and weather permit.

Bo Lorentzen

Hello Pedro, wow lots of questions.
YES you can connect the / a Video transmitter to a GoPro. if you have the FPV edition of the x350, walkera make a GoPro 3 cable for the transmitter. simply plug it in.

I have the CM2000, and honestly I do not like it, mine performed so badly that I did not post the video to avoid being tooo negative about it.. but personally I would recommend either the hummer or the Beholder lite which both work very well on the x350


First of all, thanks for this very nice review. Secondly, I was wondering if I can connect the fpv transmitter on a GoPro instead of the DV04 camera, so as I can monitor what I film. Secondly, do you think an Arris CM2000 would fit well, together with the FPV transmitter?

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Timia, hard to say which one really is better, wild guess for me would be the phantom as they have made the NAZA controller for quite a while now. the real question is probably what you like better and what fits your budget.


Hi i am a beginner looking into buying a quadcopter. I have narrowed my search down to the dji phantom and the qr x350. I read this review and was very interested. But now that the phantom has a lower price i am even more undecided. If someone could give me a bit more info comparing the two to help my decision that would be awesome. Thanks!

Bo Lorentzen

Hello Phil,
in GPS-hold mode, you can fly like you normally do, except when you let go of the sticks, the quad stay in the current position.


Philip Read

Hi, with this quad in GPS mode can you fly it to a new location and it will lock on or do you have to select manual mode first and fly to new location and put it back into GPS mode.

Thanks and great review

Bo Lorentzen

Hello Stu, wow. its hard to give the right answers for sure. I really like the design on the new blade 350qx, (but I do not like the two-screw system for mounting the props). and I think the blade have the potential for being a great FPV aircraft from a stock product. most important, it have the stable mode and the RTH mode. that remove some stress flying.

I have not had any problems with the F7 which is what I used when flying the walkera x350, but do not know what the power is on the Devo7.

I think the "big deal" on the x350 is the dual antenna RX because it is easy to always have a good antenna position, the phantom have only one which I have often seen become a issue for myself when turning around and the antenna hide behind the gimbal.

Stu Gledhill

Hi Bo,

I too am dithering over choice of quads.... New Blade 350qx or the Walkera 350 BNF. Have already got a Devo 7 (for flying my Ladybird and Hoten X) but am concerned its only 100mw transmitter and the included Spektrum 5E is 250mw (I think..)
Intend to go FPV so looking for range and noted that you've pushed the Walkera to 600m ish, was that on standard Devo 7? Would welcome your thoughts.
BTW Thanks for the reviews on the 'Tube - very helpful and usefull.

North Yorks

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