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Bo Lorentzen

Hey Keith, Wellll.. I did not check, but I suspect that the 5803TX supply regulated 5v - Ive been flying the 14v rig for a while and have not burned out the 808 yet.

Keith Holden

Hello. good value site.
Just a question.
I am new to cameras and fpv.
I have a 5803 Tx and 808 16 keycamera.
Hookup wiring and it worked ,quite warm
Your Pandora is 14 Volts, does it harm the camera?????
Sorry to ask funny question.
Cheers Keith.

Bo Lorentzen

@WallyJas - You are not kidding, this might not work at all. personally I think there is a inherent instability with the two props leaving the thing hang like this, you can see the rocking motion when I slow down a little. I don't get the same when flying a CP heli. maybe the weight is down too far and should be up higher closer to the rotors.. :-)


Fingers crossed once you've lightened her 'all the way' that she'll be better Bo. Does it give you a unique flying experience? It's not a quad, tri or helo, it's not a gyro nor a fixed wing .... could worth having one for that reason hey?

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