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Bo Lorentzen

@Peter You are right a HD mini-quad would be perfect for travel video. but there are a few problems, first there currently are no true HD mini-quad's, and second mini-quad's have a lot of movement during flight, making the video pretty rough. I would take a look at the pocket-drone http://www.airdroids.com


Hi Bo,

thanks for publishing your experiences, its helped me get an idea of whats possible.

I am about to leave on a round the world bicycle trip and think that a micro quad would be an ideal tool to make my videos more interesting.

Travelling by bicycle weight and volume are always a premium, so far I really like the look of the Hubsan X4 as a platform but even with the 2M camera the video quality is not that great.

Im interested in HD video quality, fpv is not important to me.

Are you aware of a similarly priced and sized quad with better video or a way to upgrade the camera to HD?

I saw some video taken by a DJI Phantom 2 Vision which I thought was great, unfortunately its both large and expensive.

I have wondered if I could fit a Mobius keyfob camera to an X4 without the camera module saving weight & battery life, but lots of small important pieces get lost while travelling & camping so an integrated solution would be a better solution for me.

I would be delighted to hear your thoughts or any suggestions you may have.


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