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Post correction about power on the booster.
The radio must be powered before
power up the booster and vice versa on the oposite actions.
Power booster can damage the transmitter.


That's a good material and works as a beauty 150%.
One con point : the booster power must be unpluged before start or switch off the transmitter.
Can damage the TR.

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Tyler, the hand-sets are generally not cross-compattible, you need to pick based on what hardware you want to fly, at the moment Im flying pretty much everything with my Walkera F12e radio, and I have put matching receivers in the stuff I fly.


HI Bo!
I have recently rekindled my love for RC by finding my old Dodge Viper RC car stashed away in storage. I would have liked to get a Hoten X and attach some fpv gear to it, but I'm a little lost on a receiver to buy(as well as they are sold out most places I look BNF). I would eventually get some FatSharks, but I should probably get use to just flying first as the only flight xp I have is christmas time Single rotor chopper competitions with my brothers. I was thinking of getting an Hubsan X4 fpv, but I was curious how cross compatible remotes are. After I get a little better at flying, I would like a Armattan Tri 355 since I have plenty of dessert, fields, and hiking grounds to explore from the air.

I guess my bottom line question is what remote is going to give me the most versitility with the different copters while still maintaining good "growing" room and fpv capability? Or would it be best to just pick a brand of transmitter and then use a remote thats compatible?

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Jonas, no need to solder, simply unplug the cable from the build in antenna and plug in the new cable.


I really want to put booster on my deco 7e, but I have not figured out how to soldier the sma connector on the board…

what goes where?


I'm also wanting to install this on a aurora 9 . I'll be watching for more info thx

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Personal-Drones, yes technically speaking this should work with any 2.4G system, it is basically a plain vanilla antenna booster fitted to the backside of a RC radio.

Im guessing one can expect maybe a doubling or more in range safely. the price is right at $55, it took me about 20 minutes to install. That said, for about $250 you can get a Dragon Link radio rated to about 20+km

BTW. I really enjoy reading your blog at http://www.personal-drones.net

Personal Drones

Hello Bo this is a great, really affordable upgrade. Will study in detail. Wonder how it could perform and if it could be compatible with my Aurora 9. Should it be kind of a "universal" fit? Thanks for the great article.

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