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Bo Lorentzen

Hey Doug, tape in pace seems like a perfect solution. I have seen a couple guys using epoxy, but Im always worried that it will frost the lens ha ha.


so yeah... I did this mod, but me being too excited to fly it around outside forgot the lens falls off very easily during a crash and lost the lens in a bunch of leaves in my backyard haha go figure... it made indoor flight amazing though and worked just fine; so I def want the wide angle, I'm going to do it up the way my friend did though, he basically electrical taped just the lens in place; barely affects the center of gravity and works very well.

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Brian, I just left the magnetic ring in place on the lens.. there is also a LOOSE magnetic ring in the kit, intended to be attached to the phone with double side tape.. thats the one I attached to the X4


I'm slightly confused because the one I have I can not take out the magnetic ring its stuck in back. Any thoughts? Help?!

Bo Lorentzen

@ kartik you can't really balance it, as we don't want to add more weight, but you can let the battery stick out a bit more in the back. ;-)


do i have to balance the centre of gravity after placing wide angle lens on the front
how it performs after lens is placed
i mean does flight characteristics change

Bo Lorentzen


Yes the Hubsan X4H107C have quite limited video quality, unfortunately the little aircraft do not have enough power to fly a Mobius, it was simply not made for that, if you want to fly a bigger camera, check out something larger, I fly the Walkera FPV100 with a naked mobius and it works fine. and I also fly a naked mobius on the Hoten-X


Very interesting your articles.
On Hubsan X4H107C the video is poor. We could replace the current target by that of "MOBIUS, who owns a better definition
Thank you for the kindness to answer me

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Garry, I used my FatShark goggles, have not done any more with the plug out. they are wired up though, I had the TX cracked open and the jacks looks like they are for real OK.

Garry B

Did you figure out which jack on the Tx is for video out ? I purchased the Hubsan video glasses & tried them in both connection jacks on the left side of the Tx but did not get a signal from either of them. did you get your FPV goggles to work on this controller ?

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Fred, Ah YES.. good point, I will add some pictures with/without the wide-angle lens tonight.


Would you post a couple of video captured pictures with and without the lens?

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