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Bo Lorentzen

Hey Dave, It should, I have one of the new Mobius wide-angle cams...fits perfectly. diameter is this same just a little shorter.


Does this fit the new type C lens?

Bo Lorentzen

Hey James, press the top and bottom and push it over the lens.. ;-)

james miller

how do you install it????

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Danny, Only the wide-angle. I have never had a regular mobius :-)


Quick question. Does it fit both the wide angle (B) and regular (a) lens Mobius? Or only the wide angle version?

Bo Lorentzen

@Havoc256 sorry for the slow reply, the lens saver is not visible in the image.


Does the cover get in the way of the recorded image at all?

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Marten, it was really easy, I used some industrial strength double side tape.

To be honest, I have not used that version much, and instead use the one with the lens-hood sticking out enough to protect the lens "most of the time". ;-) that is the version I fly now.

Maarten de Jong

Very interesting Solution! Specially the solution on the last picture with the clear cover in front of the wide angle lens is awesome. How did you fit the plastic on it?

Best Regards,


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