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Bo Lorentzen

@ Lucas, im not sure what is keeping you from starting the motors, check that trims are centered, then let it sit for a couple of minutes for say 5+ blinks of GPS, to make sure you have great GPS. then try to arm, (throttle stick down and right)


Hi Bo
Have you any idea?
I cant start my motors on the Thali 500 after firmware update to1.2. ?
I have GPS, but can not reblock my motors and I really have no idea what happens....
Could you maybe help me,?
I came from Switzerland and nowbody can help me or have an idea, thats why I ask you...

Many thanks in advance
Best Regards

Bo Lorentzen

@Juan, you can definitely use the LightBridge for video downlink, guessing that theoretically speaking you can also use it for control signal, I think it put out a single PPM cable, I don't recall if the controller in the 350pro takes ppm or all wires.

Juan Sarti

Hi Bo,
I have a walkera 350 Pro and I wonder if I can connect a DJI lightbridge to it, just for video and transmetter(dev010) connection?

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Robby, the Stella with the adapter fit under the Phantom with the standard legs. that said, it don't hurt to stick a little foam on the bottom of the legs to get a little more space. ;-)

Unfortunately, I do not have any of these in stock, they are made on demand from shapeways.

Thank you for the kind words about my reviews. ;-)

Robby Fernandez

Mr. Lorentzen,

I finally put away enough cash to pick up a Stella...in large part due to your awesome review. I have a phantom and had two questions for you, if you don't mind.

1) Are there any of your mounts readily available, or is shapeway the only way to go? I had hoped for being able to play with this quicker than the shapeway order will come...but alas, I can be patient...sometimes.

2) Did you have to buy longer legs for the phantom in order to accommodate the stella+gopro under a standard 1.1 phantom? If so, what is your best recommendation, and where to buy?

Thanks for any help you can offer!

Bo Lorentzen

@Peter YES the gimbal can be controlled by any system that give a standard servo signal out. the NAZA / Phantom do this.

Pieter visser

What about the tilt control?
Can this gimbal be controlled by the tiltlever on the phantom remotecontroller?

Bo Lorentzen

@David on the naza, make sure to go into the naza assistant and turn ON the gimbal support then set both gains to ZERO. ;-)


ok i got the whole kit gimbal adapter & gimbal everything work but my pitch control checked naza v2 remote is working got it plugged in to F2 i cant figure it out

Bo Lorentzen

@Roy - a couple of guys have attached it to the diamond shaped part under the blade, I recommend simply using the black double-side 3M tape, that stuff is incredible strong, much stronger than the weight of the gimbal and gopro. (that is how I attached it to the phantom)

Roy Fox

Dear Sir
Will the gimbal adapter plate fit on to a Blade 350 qx?.
Ry Fox

Bo Lorentzen

@Robby - From what I understand the drifting issue is when putting the gimbal on the table and leaving it powered up, then it seems that the gimbal over a couple of minutes will slowly start to drift a little. at least that is how I understand it, I have not tested it on "bench" but have not seen any issues while flying. one issue is that it seems they all have a little lean, which can be zeroed out in the setup tool. at least that is my experience.

Robby Fernandez

That is beautiful footage of a beautiful location! Great job!

Thanks for the feedback. I'm leaning towards the Stella...only mildly concerned about the "drifting"issue being talked about on the forums.

Bo Lorentzen

@Robby - in my experience the stella have been a phenomenal gimbal, the compression mounting is important and help reduce jello. it is also a very light gimbal, lighter than the mini-zen. I used it for this video and was quite happy with its performance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMkPZBbqjAA

Bo Lorentzen

@clint.. the bracket is in the 10grams range, it is already thinner in areas to save weight. 10 grams is a good weight.

Robby Fernandez

Mr. Lorentzen,

First let me state that I really enjoy your reviews and find them to be very insightful and informative.

I recently got into the Quadcopter hobby by purchasing a DJI Phantom 1.1.1. And now I am wanting to expand towards the GoPro camera and gimbal. One day also growing into FPV, but another day another dollar.

My question to you is do you have any advice at this point in making the final selection between the Stella, Beholder or Zenmuse gimbals?

It seems like the Zenmuse is touted as the industry standard, but your enthusiastic reviews of the Beholder and Stella have me more open minded perhaps. The Stella being to most attractive to me at this point with your adapter.

Can you give me any advice on this purchase? I always like to save money of course, but in this case I want to make the smart purchase.

Bo Lorentzen

@Prowler1 There is a flat surface on the little platform about center of the Blade's belly, the adapter can be attached there easily. you will need the taller skids.


I'm interested in using the Stella mount on a Blade 350QX from Horizon Hobbies. Anyone know if this mount will work?

Bo Lorentzen

Clint, the material is already quite light, no needs to make it lighter, if you remove too much material the gimbal will start wobbling. ;-)

Good question about the weight, i have not actually put it on a scale, will check later today.


How much does this adapter weigh? Can you make a version with more holes or sections taken out to make it lighter?

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