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Thanks for the response Bo.

I think there are two problems.

I've turned the gains down and it flies like its on rails now. :)

Only thing is when taking off it tends to pitch forwards a bit so i'm thinking I might try and move the stella back a bit.



Bo Lorentzen

Hey Rob, sounds to me like the aircraft is not balanced. the stella have to move forward enough to let the battery be balanced.
I flew mine using the NAZA, my gains were probably turned down a bit..but its been a while. :-)


Hi Bo,

I just test flew my BO Hex with the stella on it pretty much the same as you've got here and I've got a strange problem I was wondering if you came across. The Hex flies wonderfully with out the stella but now that its on there is oscillates really fast in the air. I only took it a few feet off the ground because of how badly it was oscillating. Its almost like the stella on the rubber bobbins is shaking too much and causing the whole air frame to oscillate. It could be the Naza gains which are on their defaults (pretty low) but i'm going to try turning them down even more and see if that helps. Anyway if you have any ideas or this has happened to you I'd be grateful for any information.



Bo Lorentzen

Got a stack of 5 inch on there.


Thanks for the clarification Bo. One more question. Are you using the 5" or 6" props on there?

I'm thinking that i'll go with the 3S setup as its quite a bit lighter



Bo Lorentzen

Hey Rob, For me the 3S worked great. I have never flown the mini-hexa on 4s. however there is no such thing as too much power.

When flying with the top-mounted stella, smooth is the ticket, very gentle moves on the stick. its not a racer, more a glider with the camera on top.


Hi There Bo,

I love the reviews but I have a question about your blackout video with this on top of it.
i'm in the process of building a blackout hex and one of these gimbals. My only question is do you think the standard 3S setup is fine for this or would you go to a 4S setup to get a bit more power. Mostly i want good flight times and a nice smooth platform. I'm not into the super crazy fpv stuff like some blackout pilots. I realise adding the 4s setup will add a lot of weight so i'm wondering if i'd really get much benefit in actual efficiency or if it would just be higher performance.


Bo Lorentzen

Hey Christian, yes it can be mounted under the belly, however I would probably go for a 3 axis walkera gimbal instead these days. and mount the "rail" on the flat part centered on the blade. you will need the tall video legs. :-)


Is there any way to mount this on a blade 350qx

Sterling Morris

I'm trying to buy your 3D printed adapter plate, but the page seems to be gone now? Do you still have them available? I am looking into getting a Stella (currently using the Beholder Lite) so I can get an FPV setup without having to DIY the whole thing.

Bo Lorentzen

Hey George,
That is a great question, I should have expanded on that in the video.
Speed and position is the main ways of moving a gimbal,
Position means if the stick move 45 degrees your gimbal will move 45 degrees. meaning it is a fixed position based on the stick position (or more likely the dial/slider position)
SPEED is my favorite, unlike the position, speed let you set a constant speed, so give just a little stick and the gimbal will start moving until you center the stick/slider/dial. that mean you can start a very slow and smooth pitch move and stop it by re-centering the stick.

GAINS. is how dramatic the gimbal react to the amount of stick you give it, low gains means you need to more the stick a lot for a specific move, high gains mean you can move the stick a little and get the same move.

Hope that makes sense.

George Lutz

I am new to the Stella, can you help me understand the Speed vs POS mode? I also need help understanding the Stick Control Gain? Thank you.

Soren von Perner

I saw the progress, looks awesome.
You really are good at it !

Bo Lorentzen

@Soren - I am still playing with the hanging vs compression for the Phantom.

Soren von Perner

Can you start a shop after your design is finish for mounting Stella on Phantom ?

I buy one from you :-)

The Sweed

Bo Lorentzen

Thank you David, much appreciated.

David Morgan

AS always your reviews are great to watch and informative, well done


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