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Bo Lorentzen

Hej Mugge, Joda, jeg er pære Dansk.

The problem with the P1, is that its not a particularly powerful aircraft, and almost anything is heavy on it. particularly the budget 3axis gimbal you referenced, the weight on that one helps it being smooth, but its not a good fit for a P1, I flew it on my s800 when I tested it.
There are several options, the xAircraft STELLA is light and quite good, the Walkera 2axis is very light and the Walkera 3axis is 170grams and about $150, but the walkera gimbal controllers are not as good as the stella, or the DJI, (naturally there is a difference between a $150 and a $300 gimbal. there should be, who is kidding who.?
Still, I would probably grab a Walkera G-3D gimbal for about $150, its light and "fairly" good, and would work fine on a P1.
The Scout is one of my favorite quads right now, its well build, more powerful than the P2, and flies really nicely, I'm not keen on the bluetooth features, and honestly recommend getting it for flying using the radio rather than a android tablet.



Hi Bo

Thanks again bro.
Yes i'm looking for a fairly good gimbal for my Phantom 1 model. Going to buy that Scout X4 later when its in stock here in Copenhagen. Should be the end of NOV :)
But can you point me in the direction of a alright gimbal for that Phantom 1 model ?
I did check your
model but now your saying it is damn heavy. Thats maybe not so good after all because the Phantom 1 does not hold battery as good as Phantom 2 even i have dual battery setup.
The walkera gimbal 180$ will that install on a Phantom aswell ? and is that what you would suggest me to buy. I'm sure you have tried many different gimbals thats why i ask you :)
BTW, i saw you where writing "Håber the hjælper, du er naturligvis altid velkommen til at PM mig ;-) " are you a damn dane Bo ???

Erik (My nick name is Mugge)

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Mugge,

You should probably pick up a new one, stuff I use have a tendency to get pretty dirty and well worn pretty quickly. :-)
Not entirely sure how to mount, but If I recall right, the screw spacing is 40mm which is the hold spacing in the P1 and P2 as well. so a couple of stand-off's should do the trick.

Personally I would just do two stand-offs to a pice of 3mm plywood, then put velcro on the plywood and also on the belly of the P2. these GoPro gimbals are so light that a big square of velcro is a great mounting, and velcro also gives nicely sideways, so its a good vibration damper as well.

The downside with this particular gimbal, its pretty heavy, and I would look at a walkera G-3D gimbal for about $180 first as that is a lot lighter. (though not the worlds best gimbal, you get what you pay for )

Håber the hjælper, du er naturligvis altid velkommen til at PM mig ;-)


Mugge TheGuy

Hi there Bo

Do you want to sell that http://www.fpvguy.com/2014/05/250-bucks-3axis-gimbal.html
And do you know how to install this on a DJI Phantom 1 and/or 2

Thanks buddy

Erik DK

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Ken, the native "xAircraft" spaced "hangers" will not work for you. the aeroxcraft system also have similar bars / hangers. buy a couple of those and simply unscrew the x-aircraft ones from the gimbal base and replace them with the new wider ones.

Im never completely sure about the NAZA, its either F1 or F2, F2 sounds right. and yes you are correct, turn gimbal gain to zero, but turn ON gimbal in general otherwise nothing come through. ;-)



First of all, I want to thank you for providing such great information on FPV. After watching your video on the MC6500GoPro-BLG 3-axis Gimbal I was pretty much sold. I have run into a little problem that maybe your experience can help me. I have the aeroxcraft landing gear for my f550 and I am finding the hooking system to attach to the gimbal/battery arms (aluminum rods) are not quite wide enough. I snap them to one side and then go to the other and the first two Ihave just snapped pop off. I wanted to know if you have seen any modifications or know of any for this gimbal to fit on the aeroxcraft gear effective?
On another note, am I correct in assuming that if I am flying with a Naza I will need to put my pitch cable from the gimbal into the F2 of the Naza and zero out the gimbal settings in Naza considering this gimbal is already programmed from the factory? Again, thank you for all the great info.

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