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Bo Lorentzen

Hey Marijus, those are sold on the armattan website. :-)

3 blade props are not "superior" to other propellers, they are a way to get more blade (wing area) in a small space.


in the picture under the slogan "ARMATTAN = FREAKING AWESOMENESS..!" Armattan has 3-blade propellers. Where have you got them and why they are superior to normal propellers? Thank you.

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Marijus,

pretty much any of them, I can fly the 350pro with the F12e, the smallest is probably the RX601


Bo, what devo receiver will work for sure with devo F12e transmitter? Just ordered Armattan FPV, looking for a receiver with minimum 5 channels comppatible with my Tali's transmitter.

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Chris, WOW.. I keep forgetting how many great Armattan's there are. I have not flown those yet, am about to do the build video with the FPV quad. :-)



I hope you haven't missed the Armattan fpv Mini tri/quad/vtail/y6/x8 :)

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Dave, contrast on your new mini-quad. that 258 really is one of my all time favorite things. its easy to fly, virtually indestructible, and it can carry my camera and VTX without problems.


Hey Bo,

Just got my 258 FPV quad. You weren't kidding, these things are a dream to fly. The only drawback is flight times, I'm getting 5-6 minutes out of a 2700 MAH battery (not flying to low voltage, that's staying comfortably under 80% discharged).

If anybody is setting one of these up for FPV you might want to save a few bucks and get the 250mw VTx instead of the 600. These are not long distance quads, and 250 is more than sufficient for the type of flying you'll be doing with these.

Bo Lorentzen

LOL Caesar, its a awesome mini-quad. BTW tell chris you heard about it from me. that always makes him happy. ;-)

You can fly that with the Devo radio, I prefer the rx702 radios with the log antennas


Im ordering Armattan 258...because of you...hahahahaha...
While waiting Chris build it, im preparing the rest. i try find the fatshark, they come with full set ( transmitter, camera, etc) im wondering, which fatshark you have? And which is your recommendation?
Thank Bo

Bo Lorentzen

LOL.. Fred, Im waiting for some collets I ordered from RMRC sunday night, they should be here tomorrow, the busted collet was completely wrong and could not be assembled correctly at all. should have this in the air tomorrow afternoon and planning some flying time thursday and friday mornings.


That's my awaited woods crawling machine! ;)
Have you managed to record some Jello-free videos after repairing the collet thing?

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