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Bo Lorentzen

Hey Collin,
Sorry for the slow reply, really good questions.
First of all, over time it became clear that every single H500 needed to be taped to compensate for arm-flex. and we did do some manual edits to the firmware which made the aircraft much more predictable.
That said, a fixed TALI was surprisingly capable when it was released, today its frankly a 3-4 year old aircraft and I would suggest looking at a P3 for video rather than a Tali.


Hello Bo, I very much enjoy your video reviews! My question goes back to the Walkera Tali H500... I purchased one a couple of years ago and have never flown it after reading many negative reviews regarding it's erratic and unpredictable performance. I know there are firmware updates that have apparently resolved many of the issues that people have complained about... Has your opinion of the H500 changed at all since your original positive review? Have the firmware updates indeed fixed this drone? I would like to take the plunge and finally maiden it but am not sure if it is better off in the hands of a professional... Thank you for your opinion!!

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Raimund
Unfortunately its not quite that easy, you can pick up equipment to fly 3km, however you will need line of sight to land it. or you need to be up a bit and drop the payload. either way, the 3-5kg payload requirement push you way past "cheap" and you are looking at quite sophisticated equipment ;-)


Hi my name Raimundas am from lithuania east Europe
I want to buy drone or helicopter witch can fly to 3 km
And carry 3-5 kg wight
I live in vilege in front lake and river and I every single day
Take bout or go around to delivery food for
Old people my cousin it kills me.
It be better to have helicopter or drone to drop
Please help me to choose one good
To be onsite if there one cheep and good.
Big thanks.

Bo Lorentzen

Hello Alexande,
The telemetry is displayed on the screen on the F12e.

Alexander Magnussen

Hi,does the telemetry info show up onall screens connected to the ilook+ ?

Anna White

Thanks a lot for this article. This is really helpful post for me. I am really looking forward for this stuff.

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Tom, yes any USB cable.
Afraid to ask how you managed to wreck a USB cable :-)


Hi Bo,

can you tell me if i can use any usb cable for the mainboard of the Tali? i wrecked the old one :(



Bo Lorentzen

@alexanderseas turn on the TALI, then RIGHT AWAY turn on the radio, that should make it bind.


my tali h500 continues to shine and is not synchronized with the Control devo f12e
I can do so that you can sincronizaerce and can uzarlo?

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Rich, you can go into the radio settings and calibrate the sticks. please follow the manual for that process :-)

rich madsen

I just purchased the Walkera Tali H500 System. I have been simply trying to get the Controller flight ready!... and somehow the "throttle" stick is reading 50% on start up??? It shows me a WARNING about the 50% throttle as soon as I turn the controller on? Is there a "default-reset" button I can push and start the menu start up from scratch? Or, is there away to get the throttle off the 50% reading?


Hi Bo,

i tested the devo f12e and the rx705 with the naze32...and gues what.. working perfect..i used the databus and had to do some tweaking in cleanflight...one word..perfect!
The f12e has an verry fine resolution for tweaking, one increment at the time..
verry pleased with it.
i am waiting on some parts from hobbyking, so i could build my own quad powerd by devo f12e and rx705.
who has thought that walkera had made such an universal product.

keep you informed and wil make a video on the prpgression of my quad.


Bo Lorentzen

WOW.. Mike.. I LOVE hearing when dealers do the right thing.! Good going.!


Hi Bo,

Just a quick follow-up to my earlier post... I took your advice and contacted the Dealer/Wholesaler out of China that I purchased my Scout X4 from, and to my surprise/delight, they are going to send me a free replacement Servo part.

Thanks for your help,


Hi Bo,

thank you for your support aswel :)
already sent WalkeraHelicopterSupply an e-mail and will wait for there replay...
i will mail Frank asap!! the more support worldwide the better!!
thank you again.

best regards,


Bo Lorentzen

Hey Tom, not entirely sure if WalkeraHelicopterSupply ships internationally, i would say Im 99% sure they do. if not shoot a email to Frank at CarolinaDronz.com he is incredible good at supporting multirotor users around the world.


Hi Bo,

the supplyer you mentiont,WalkeraHelicopterSupply.com,
do they shipments overseas?

i need some part for the tali and if i want to order them in the netherlands they ask loads for it..double prices....




Thanks Bo for the info. I will put this repair project on my to do list so it is ready for spring flying... It's been a long winter, and I can't wait to get out flying!


Bo Lorentzen

Hey Mike, I generally get my parts from WalkeraHelicopterSupply.com in Seattle, Dave stock virtually every bit of Walkera parts.

You don't need any extra parts, its a 5 minute job to swap the servo on the end of the retract leg.



Thanks Bo, I'm afraid I probably won't have any luck from the dealer as I bought the quad new but from a China dealer, so I suspect there is no warranty for a bad servo.

If the Retract Servo is burnt, Is this the part below that I would need to order and install myself?


Would I need any other parts or it is simply a change/swap out of that part?

Thanks in advance for your help,

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Mike, sorry for the slow reply.
Check with the dealer, its fairly common for the TALI to burn the retract servo, they should get you a fresh serve :-)

Bo Lorentzen

Hey David, unfortunately the TALI is not powerful enough to fly a parachute system.

David Krassoff

Anybody know where to buy the parachute for the walkera tali h500 ?

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