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Bo Lorentzen

Hey Brad, totally agree, there should be some kinda text on the screen, do shoot a email to Walkera. ;-)


Hi have a QR X350 with the F7 FPV Radio, as I have not got anything connected to the 5.8ghz radio I have no video feed, fair enough, but I dont even get any status readings showing transmitter voltage , just a solid blank blue screen. That doesn't seem right to me!

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Will, you can only use DEVO radios with the 350


Is it possible to bind a fly sky FS-T6 to the walkera 350?


Ok thanks for the help. the new landing gear is actually nice they're a littler taller and wider. I really enjoy your YouTube reviews helped me pick the Walkera.
Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Willy, I'm not entirely sure about the actual differences to the latest ones, I know walkera still is making a lot of these, but generally the quality now is bette than it was originally. :-)
the new landing-gear should not affect the flight performance.

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Willy, there is a USB cable on the side of the flight-controller, it was not intended for you to access these ;-)


Hi Bo it's willy agian the comment before May of been confusing. What I mean is I bought the Walkera qr x350 pro and instead of it having those grey rubber things on bottom of landing gear this is the new model the landing gear is all white no greyisn rubber things at the bottom of the landing gear. And on the side is a rubber flap it were the USB connector is suppose to be there is none there. I've flown it 2
Or 3
Times seems to fly fine the Hoover works but have not tried to one key gps
Mode do you know if that will effect the one key gps landing? It's the one with the devo f7


I bought the Walkera qr X 350 pro the version 2 I guess with the all white landing gear the newest one but I just noticed there is not USB connector on the quad.
Will this effect anything or will I just not be able to use the auto pilot?

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Matt, Its a mini-jack, google the jack config.


Hi Bo. I wanted to use 7" external monitor to my Devo F7. How do i output the video image from the transmitter to the monitor? What type of connecting cable to use? And where to connect it to as I couldnt figure out how. Any help please. Thanks.

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Che Mat, that goes for anything using GoPro, they simply dont have that option. just start them when you start flying and stop when you land.
I use a video transmitter on the TALI for the GoPro to see what video it gets from the gimbal, but there are no remote control of the camera.
*note that I generally fly with a dedicated flight camera rather than using video from a gimbal camera.

Bo Lorentzen

Hey CHE MAT, I use 3.6 or 3.7 do a quick test to see what works best for you.


Hi Bo. I want to fix a buzzer to my quad battery. What is the voltage value i should set so that the buzzer will start to alarm when the battery is low. Thnks.

Che Mat

Hi Bo. So sad that 350 PRO can't have go-pro with option to control from the transmitter. But I thought I saw in your build demo on Tali H500 with GoPro setup and you mentioned it requires 'receiver' to attach to the camera. That is not to control the camera from within the transmitter?

Bo Lorentzen

Hey CHE MAT, nope unfortunately there is not such a option.. however, that is a result of the GoPro not supporting wired remote-control inputs.


Hi bo. I have finally bought myself QR X350 Pro. Is there an option to setup Gopro with this quad whereby i can control the camera from the radio transmitter. If yes, what parts i should buy and which transmitter that can do the job. The transmitter i have is Devo F7

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Ron, there are several things that can cause that. I think you can stop calibrating the thing.
make sure its sitting on a level ground when you plug it in, leave it sitting for at least 1 minutes, then try again.
Also post this question to the support group here https://www.facebook.com/groups/1616876018546562/


Hi Bo,
I just recently bought a QRX 350 Pro with all the works; I followed your build instructions and your first flight videos to the (T).
I have checked how to calibrate so many times it not funny – have fully charged batteries but when I want to take off and give it throttle it (FLIPS OVER TO THE RIGHT OR FLIPS OVER FORWARD) can you give me any explanations on how to fix this problem.

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Tom, you need to push the quad 30+ feet away (10+m) at that point you can switch into IOC which means the quad will move as you see it, regardless of the orientation. switch OUT of IOC on the way back, I suggest flying tail-in and switching out so you maintain control once you pass the 10m boundary where it turns off automatically.


Hey Bo, just got my x350 pro and i'm pretty happy with it, just a few unanswered questions I can't find anywhere on internet, mainly around IOC how to use it? and how does it work on the walkera?

Bo Lorentzen

Hello Faruk, LOL thats a huge question, but basically none of the 250 size quads were intended for mission planning, however nothing keep you from ripping out the flight-controller and replacing it with a full-on APM unit.


Hi Bo,

Is there a such animal as 250 with mission planner kit. If so brand/make and where to buy one? What also would be the flight time?

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Dwayne, its posted in the files here its the same as the 350 since its all mission planner :-) https://www.facebook.com/groups/1616876018546562/

Dwayne C

Hi Bo,

Just wondering if you can post the link again for the LVC fix. I'm new to multirotors and looking at purchasing this quad. and I'd rather it not fall out of the sky randomly.

Thanks in advance.

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