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Bo Lorentzen

Hello Bjørn, the circle fly have a fixed speed, it seems pretty fast when a small circle, however on a large circle it feels a little slow. :-)

Björn Bergman

One more Bo... When I fly the H500 in mode auto "Round circle"
is the the speed of the Tali fixed? Or how can I decide that myself... I assume that using the trottle will only affect the altitude?

Bo Lorentzen

Sorry for the slow reply, I would get the $200 FatShark kit from HobbyKing instead, the ones in your link are not particularly great goggles. all the FatShark goggles have video-in port as well as wireless receiver option.

Matt and I are working on some of the safety issues, but testing some of his ideas almost crashed me twice. ;-)

Please, when you get the Tali, after starting the thing, place it where you want to take-off from, and leave it sitting for 3 minutes.
Second.. take off in manual, then flip to GPS-hold and fly in GPS for the flight (IF you are going to use GPS for the flight that is) when returning to land. please do NOT switch to manual as you may experience a dangerous drop.. simply continue and land in GPS.


Hi Bo, I have been reading your posts especially the one on the new walkera tali h500. I have a question. I am waiting for my tali as we speak and I cant wait. I wanted to order the walkera goggles for the f12e. I wanted to find out if these are compatible with the f12e and are they good quality. Here is the Walkera link. http://www.walkera.com/en/showgoods.php?id=2447

These supposed to work by plugin into the usb port of the f4 and f7 controller but wanted to find out if they would work with the new f12e. Walkera website doesnt say anything about working with f12e. These are cheaper than the 5.8ghz ones as I dont need them as the f12e controller has the 5.8ghz on it already.

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