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Bo Lorentzen

Hey Louis B,
Your description of the second crash is very specific. that is the arm flexing.
You need to TAPE the arms BEFORE flying.
Frankly I would also hot-glue the ESC wires, this is all described in the start up documents on the Facebook group. :-)

After doing the ESC hot-glue fix, use heavy clear packaging tape, I cut it sideways in half-inch wide strips and apply 3-4 pieces as required along the seam on each arm.

You can easily see the effect, twist a arm thats not taped. you can feel the motor easily twist, after taping the arm is much firmer.

Hope this helps.

Louis B

@Steve Hester>>
Not sure if you have solved your sd card and loss of video signal issue. Here is what I have found. The camera/drone must be OFF when inserting or removing the card or it will cause the video to stop broadcasting to the screen. Happens every time if I don't turn it off first.

Louis B

Hello. I have been through two Tali H500 crafts. Both with catastrophic crashes with 72 hours of each purchase. The first one dropped from about 40ft in the air. The motors just stopped. I believe the battery just died. It takes a long time to descend. The second seemed to have a loose screw near a motor because it was missing when retrieved from the bay. The arm near the missing screw hole was also cracked. The motor also had rub marks on the outside. It was making an unusual loud sound as if the blades were hitting something before it went out of control. I am concluding that the loose screw vibrated out causing the motor and arm to torque from side to side causing the craft to become unstable. With my interaction it made the gps continue to overcompensate and eventually drifted off and dropped in the water. Id like some info on tuning the Tali to descend quicker. I am also wondering if you have heard of any issues with loose screws on the Tali. If it wasn't for the Amazon insurance I'd be screwed!
So, I have a third Tali on the way. I would like any critical info on battery charging amperage and other APM tuning to ensure i get the most time out of my machine. Everyone thinks I'm insane for taking the same model a third time.
I have hope.

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Peter, so many things can affect the range, but yes for sure, put on FatShark, or just about any circular polarized antenna, keep them identical in BOTH ends.


Hi there,

I have Walkera X350 Pro and DevoF12e with GoPro 4. But the range of FPV is really small. Do you have any idea how to extend range of the FPV?

Maybe buy FatShark 5.8GHz Circular Polarized antenna??


Bo Lorentzen

WOW. Jonathan, crashing a quad or hexa from 200 feet is a pretty serious impact.
Im guessing the leg servos are jammed and burned out. but do pitch that question at the Facebook support group here https://www.facebook.com/groups/1616876018546562/

Jonathan Shim

Hi FPV Guy,
I bought a h500, crashed it from 200'. Got it back change one landing servo and it was working then all of a sudden the landing gear retracted and now it doesn't come back down. I opened it up to check the wiring. It looks ok and connections are tight. Still no luck. She still flies but no landing gear. Any thoughts would be appreciated.



Im really hoping your able to help me out..... I just purchased a H500 and have not had the best of luck. I purchased it from Walkera direct. It crashed the first flight and i sent it to a company in Washinton to repair and correct the settings. When I sent it out they said I needed the firmware in both the copter and the devos and i was able to access the sensor screen from pressing the lower right side L button once. I just got the entire unit back and I cannot access the sensor screen from pressing the L button and the unit crashed again on takeoff. Im super discouraged and I really could use some professional help......

Thanks in advance,


Bo Lorentzen

There are a couple ways.. simplest is probably getting a couple of high-quality cloverleaf antennas like the BlueBeam's or the AirBlades
If you want more range you can put a helical antenna on the F12e, personally I use a 5 turn helical on my goggles and turn my head towards the sounds of the TALI.

I did a kinda hoky video with Alex Greve a while back, ignore the crazy video, bottom line, the best clover-leafs out there are AirBlades. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ReETTUYtbkI


What's the best way to increase the antenna on the Tahli 500 video feed back to the FPV shark head set?

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Keith, its not made for flying in rain and if water leak inside the body it will short.

Keith Stoddart

Can it fly in the rain? What weather constraints are there to this?

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Denis,

Turn on the TALI first, when you hear the beep, turn on the F12e. done. now wait.

BTW. remember, put the TALI where you want to start flying and then LEAVE it there, do not move while it is waiting to fly. and have at least 3 blinks GPS before flying :-)

Bit of TALI flying from yesterday https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=15-UmFLGxQE


I purchased the new Tali H500
anxious to fly it, as I have the 350, which I enjoy flying.
problem is I cant seem to get the radio and the Tali to bind per any UTube instruction.
all help would be greatly appreciated.

Bo Lorentzen

Sounds like you need a new Retract servo..
You can speed up binding by using fixed ID.

Check the FB owners group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/walkeratalih500/


my tali's lending skid are not working and it take too much time to binding

Bo Lorentzen

Dave, you probably need to enable the video on?

Drop by the TALI h500 owners group here for a bit of help on that

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Colton,

Join the TALI h500 owners group for some help on that..


I need help with ilook camara it not working with my h500 all I get is No image on the screen


man i bought the tali h500 3-4 weeks ago and still cant seem to get the settings right... man i could really use some step by step guidence from the settings on the devo from top to bottom would really be nice i did the settings from the instructions but i think that some settings that wherent supposed to get changed got changed and now i dont know where to begin i need an expert to show me whats up because i would love to actually fry this 2 thousand dollar hexacopter soon.... [email protected] please anyone that can help...

Bo Lorentzen

Hmm. i have never had much success with Woot.. but give them a whirl..also put the question on the TALI h500 owners page on FB

Steve Hester

Thanks for the response Bo. I will contact Walker on the Ilook camera though it seems like a long shot since I bought the Tali H500 from Woot.com. I also contacted them. In the event this is a bust do you recommend going with a GoPro? what additional equipment would I need to replace cameras?

Bo Lorentzen

WOW Steve, thats bizarre.. so you get video to the F12e when there is no SD card, but the video disappears when you install the SD card.?

THAT is not right, I would ask for a replacement camera from your dealer.!

Steve Hester

FPVGuy! FIrst off thank you so much for the unboxing video. It made things much much simpler for when it came my turn to open my new Tali H500. I love the Tali and feel like I'm learning something new each day. I'm at the point of wanting to record some good video with my iLook, I got a scandisk extreme 32gb sd card and loaded it in, turned on the power and ... well it records fine but I no longer have my live image on the devoF12E screen. IS this the way it's designed or do I have a setting wrong? I tried different channels but 8 seems to be the clearest, only when I have a card in the iLook the transmitted image doesn't show on the devo screen, please help!

Bo Lorentzen

Hello Colton, check out the FaceBook support group here https://www.facebook.com/groups/walkeratalih500/

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