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Colton gaer

If their is any way you could find the time to do a step by step set up for the tali and devof12e I just got them in the mail and can't figure out how to sync to the gimble and get the camera on k et alone it showing up on my remote I need help with setting up the radio too if you or someone could help me with this problem my email is coltongaer@gmail.com thank you

Bo Lorentzen

Hej Bjørn, thats great news, i can't wait to hear what Matt is coming up with..

Björn Bergman

Hi again Bo, any news about: The Throttle on low battery....

*** Matt have been working on a process to adjust this, and we will be releasing the process shortly, stay tuned.

Bo Lorentzen

Hello Bjørn, once you calibrate the compass, you really don't need to do it again, I calibrated mine the first day and have driven all over California and Nevada with it. Inside 500km you have nothing to worry about. the compass affects the pointing of the nose of the aircraft, the biggest problem if you really did enter a area with significant different declination, the aircraft nose would point a little to one or another side while flying. and when doing a long push, it may feel like its going a little sideways (like 2-3 degrees angle) it will not really affect your flying. do it once and go fly. :)

Björn Bergman

Hi again from Sweden.. About how often in distance point of view do I have to (re)calibrate the H500 compass?
1mile, 10 or 100miles? I assume your answer will be in miles and not km (kilometer)

(My website is down at the moment...9

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Manny,
I know it sounds strange, but if you fly and land, the battery "gather" itself a bit and get more voltage which throws off the lights. see what it is showing on the tail just before you land.

Generally I expect 15 minutes clean from my batteries, If I fly hot-rodding it, maybe 10 minutes.

I cut a cable with a car lighter plug so I can do a slow charge while driving in a car.

YES it is safe to check the TALI in a pelican case, the best fit is the ones for computer screens or monitors, I collapse the legs for packing, so the thing is flat and unpop the props, I suggest using a plastic tube like the ones for tennis balls for the props so they don't get bend during travel. You need to carry the batteries onboard as they are lithium and you should get a charging bag to store them in during the flight as you really don't want ever to have a burning battery loose in the cabin. ;-) stick each battery in a ziplock bag and then in the metallic bag for safety and to keep moisture away in case of some accidental spill :-)

YES your GPS will work in brazil. personally i fly goggles and mostly only manual for the kinda shot you are talking about, so I don't really worry about that. but GPS will work there.


Thank you very much Bo. So to understand you clearly, once I flown the Tali around, and land it, even though Im seeing 3 solid greens, if the Controller is Buzzing, that means the battery is low and I should stop right?

Regarding Traveling, Im going to do a Brazil shoot in June. Question one, is it safe to buy a PELICAN hard case and check it as a luggage. And second, will I be able to get GPS lock in Brazil? We will be filming on open field on a GRANITE QUARY mountain. Thanks!

Bo Lorentzen

Hello Russ, Im pretty sure I know whats up, when you use the record start on the F12e, you flip it down to record.? you need to flip it down wait a sec and flip it back up. :-)

Bo Lorentzen

Hello Björn, the safest way is landing in manual, but please make sure you do the throttle-mid-point edit first. at the end of the flight the tail of the TALI to you, that is called "tail-in" start a climb by pushing up the throttle and flip to manual. then land gently by slowly pulling the throttle back. use the right stick the balance and steer the aircraft.
* do the throttle mid-point adjustment first.

Russ Kleinowski

HI Bo. I am having a problem with my tali h500 and f12e radio and the Ilook+. If I use the switch on the transmitter to turn on video I get a "Please Wait" and it never does anything else. If I press the shutter button on the camera it turns on fine and records ok. If I go back to the transmitter switch it gives me the the same reply and it erases whatever was on the memory card. what am I doing wrong? also what does the toggle switch on the G-3D controller for?
Thank You and I enjoy all your videos.
Russ p.s. the "subscribe" on your site does not work

Björn Bergman

Hi again Bo, one more time from Sweden about H500.
What is the most safe (or least unsafe) way to land? "Auto" with MIX in pos 2 or just to shut of the remote ctrl. Or 100% manual?

Bo Lorentzen

Hello Manny,

If the battery indicator tells you one time its low, it don't seem like a great choice to try a couple more times.

you can count on the charge light right after it have been charged, once the aircraft have flow and landed, when on the ground the light will not show right. only under load. :-)

Yes the h500 is safe to fly, I fly mine about twice a week maybe 45 minutes

Please make sure you do the hot-glue fix and also tape the arms on the h500, check the file section in the FB forum here https://www.facebook.com/groups/walkeratalih500/

A bit of flight video from my h500 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mputVsyDPr0


Hi my name is Manny and I just got a new TALI H500. Love it!!! A few issues though. I have a few questions regarding those issues I found.

First, the manual tells me to turn the controller first and then the TALI so it can bind... IT DOESNT. I have to turn the TALI first and then the Controller. After about 90 secs it binds. Is this normal?

Second issue. A few times, after I bind, I try to engage the engines and they don't. I turn the throttle stick to the left and it doesn's engage the engines. I have to turn the TALI off, turn it on and do the calibration, and then it does start.

Finally, today I flew a few rounds. maybe less than 8 minutes. I turned it off. After a few hours I wanted to fly it again, with the same battery. The battery had 3 solid greens and the fourth blinking (I think thats enough battery) my controller had a full battery as well. I turned the GPS take off setting, and once in the air the Controller started Buzzing like if the battery was low. I did this 3 times and it kept buzzing. Any ideas?

I love the Drone, but its my first big drone, and although I think I fly pretty good, I still feel very tense when I fly it thinking that is going to crash or that I will loose conection with it, even though is pretty close. Is this normal? How safe are this drones? I already insured it and have insurance as well for liability, but still I feel extremely tense when I fly it. Can someone tell me if this drones are SAFE to fly under normal circumstances. Again, Im not doing crazy stunts and I always fly it with GPS engaged.

Tank you very much!!!
Any comments are very appreciated.

Bo Lorentzen

Hello Björn, mode 1 and 2 is different ways of assigning axis to the radio sticks. you can change that on the radio.

Björn Bergman

Hi again Bo, just try to learn as much as possible before I get my H500.. When mention Mode 1 or Mode 2 is that different versions of the F12e or what..?

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Bjørn, your TALI can point the nose in, they both do. :-) I still prefer doing object circles manually as you can do it more smoothly than the computer can, if there is wind it will mess with the angle of the nose, the computer will get it fixed but for obvious reasons its not always a perfect circle.

Björn Bergman

Thanx alot Bo, so you mean the H500 I already payed for can´t do that, point the nose to the center?


Bo Lorentzen

Hello Bjørn, Yes the TALI and the Scout X4 both point the nose to the center of the circle when you do the circle operation.
Strangely Walkera have not yet updated the firmware for the TALI, so I would probably suggest the Scout X4 as being more stable than the tali at this moment.


Björn Bergman

Are the H500 able to automatically point the camera towards the origo/center of the "circel" when I use "Auto round cruise flying" or do I have to adjust the H500 camera towards the center all the time when flying?
I haven´t got the H500 delivered yet.

Best from Sweden,

Björn Bergman

Bo Lorentzen

Hello Marijus, You are confusing the battery SIZE with actual consumption. yes the ImmersionRC 600mw can power the GoPro.. (I do it already)

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Jose, I think Dave have the carbon in stock, email him to check, I think the black is actually carbon, because I think the scout is only made in white, grey, and carbon.
Yes the GoPro kit is compatible with GoPro4

Jose Grau

Bo Jiose here, first I want to thank you for answering my question!!! Yes I was already leaning towards the Scout, now, do you have any suggestions as to where I could buy the carbon GoPro version? I'm also hoping to find a local or a US dealer that can also provide decent customer support if problems should arise. Is the GoPro version compatible with the newer GoPro 4 black edition? Thank you again!! Hey last question, have you ever considered making a video/review of the Scout aiming at showing real world flight time and real world overall performance? I've only seen your video where you are using the smaller battery on the pre-production model. Thank you Bo!!!!


Hello Bo,

are you sure the 600 mW transmitter's 5V output is not overloaded by Gopro 4 camera? Because in transmitter's user manual is written that 5V output could supplay max. 300 mA, when Gopro 4 takes about 600-1000 mA ?

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Jose, well, glad you added "I have RC experience" otherwise I would have said start with something smaller, but if you are comfortable with how these things fly. get a scout, I know several RC heli pilots who rocks these. its fast, much faster than a P2. you can remove the gimbal by releasing just one lock screw, fly without the payload and retract the legs, then let it rock. BTW. I buy white props for tail-feathers, to make orientation easier.

* the Scout X4 is easier and friendlier than the TALI, however for goggles FPV, Im loving the TALI in all out manual, its a great airplane, but I would start with the X4.

Hope that helps.

Jose Grau

Hello ! My name is Jose from Californis City CA. Hey I've been watching your videos/reviews on the PV2+,Walkera Tali h500 and the new Scout x4. First let me express my gratitude for taking the time to make those videos. I am completely new to the aerial photography and R/C UAV's. I'm on the market to get my first UAV but cannot decide which one is the best from the three aircraft mentioned above. Originally I was leaning towards the phantom plus, but the flyaway issues made me think twice about it. Then I discovered you reviews on the two latest Walkera birds and now I can't decide. What would recommend for a person who is getting started in the hobby? I do know that I want to get a GoPro ready aircraft. So I guess that eliminates the phantom. Which of the two newer Walkera birds you think is the best option for a new pilot? I do have previous experience with R/C airplanes/helicopters. Thank you!!!!

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