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Very good blog thanks for sahring with us.....................

Bo Lorentzen

Hey CHE MAT, there should not be a dilemma, the Scout is last year technology, the P3pro is a significantly more advanced aircraft. at the moment I would pick a P3pro over the scout, this opinion may chance in the future if Walkera matches the P3 technology..


Hi. I am in dilemma whether to go for Phantom 3 PRO or Walkera Scout X4. From your personal opinion, which one i should go for. This will be my first copter and i dont have an experience on flying copter before. Thanks in advance.

Bo Lorentzen

Gilberto you need to work it out with the support group, ;-)
One of the hard things with supporting in comments is that in this post you told me that you can operate the legs (radio is bound) you did not in the first, so its virtually impossible for me to guess what I have been told and not told. these things are easier to work out in a quicker moving group. :-)
You may want to check if the radio state a measured battery voltage from the copter. or if it lost the voltage telemetry entirely. thats information the support group will need.

Gilberto Zhu

Thanks Bo... I actually posted on FB before, someone reply, telling me about the Micro TF, I don't know what he mean.
The thing is that I can put on calibration mode, use the landing gear, FPV and Gimbal, but can't unlock the motors and the control beeps.

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Gilberto, sounds like the radio is not bound.
Do post the question to the Walkera support group on FB and they should get you setup quickly.

Gilberto Zhu

Hello Bo, Hello, I have problems with my Scout X4, when I turn it on, the Devo F12e don't stop beeping and can't unlock the motors, I don't know what happen, I got a flash message I couldn't read, I think read "...size..." or something like that and it never shows again, I'm sure is not the throttle message.

I check the settings, turn off External Battery in the sensor settings (set to 21.6V) and stop beeping, I turn the Scout Off and change the battery, but still can't unlock motors, both batteries are fully charged. I turn on the External Battery and set it to every Voltage to see I the beeps stops, but nothing.

I did a Model Reset, put all the settings again and nothing.

Help me please, I have to use my Scout in a week.

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Maurizo, that can be for soooo many reasons.. ;-)
Post in the Facebook support group here and we will get you fixed up


Hi, I need help for my Gimbal camera on Scout x4;
the camera don't assume the right position when Scout x4 start to fly.
Help please!

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Bjoern, move the throttle stick DOWN and LEFT to arm the Scout X4


Hi Bo.

Do you know what is wrong when the red led dont flash on a WALKERA X4? And nothing will work.

From Bjoern.


Bo, had a bad experience with my Scout maiden flight. The left front motor just stopped at about 1 meter of the ground, flipped over and damaged all four blades. It appears to be a bad speed control board or motor. Started to take the body apart but can’t seem to get front clip loose. Any help on how you got yours apart would be very helpful.
Thanks Tom

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Wayne, yeah you are right about that. the Scout is quickly becoming a bit dated, I think the ultimate with the build in FPV camera really is the logical progression for the scout.

Wayne Lincoln

That's it...the Ultimate. that is a sweet looking quad. Pretty impressive. I need to win the lottery so I can get some of these new ones coming out. Although I still like the Scout X4, it appears the others are advancing way beyond it now.

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Conny, flying the scout or TALI 2km is fairly straight forward. if you have seen my videos you will notice that I religiously fly with a "flight camera" which is a hard mounted FatShark 700tvl camera, I use a immersionRC 600mw video transmitter with a blue-beam antenna, and a 5turn helical on my FatShark goggles.. pointing the antenna towards my flight direction easily get me video for 2km.
Control signal is another issue, basically off the shelf, you can expect max 1.5km range from a 2.4 ghz system.

There is a fairly low-tech solution. you can use it for both your 2.4ghz control signal. check out this system http://carolinadronz.com/products/walkera-upgrade-super-compact-dual-antennas

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Jorge, unfortunately its not possible to geo-tag the images from the iLook+

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Wayne. are you talking about the original 350? that one is probably out of production.. at the moment Im eagerly avaiting the 350ultimate (which have not started shipping yet)

Wayne Lincoln

Has Walkera canceled their production of the QR350 or just not started production? I can't find anything else about it.

Conny Hertzberg

Hi Bo,

not sure what happen to my post but when I hit preview I was kicked to disney.com ???

Anyhow, I have a F7 receiver and a SONY HDR AS 100V action cam and I am looking for a good aerial platform. Where I live I have plenty of room to do flying so I am looking for something that can take me 2 km with good video feed.

I stumbled across the WALKERA SCOUT X4 and seems to be a good fit for my needs. Problem is, which configuration should I get? If I get the BNF version it comes without video feed so what should I look for and which modifications do I need to do to it to get it 2 km away with good feed and do you know of any gimbal I can mount my SONY AS 100 action cam on?

Jorge Beacon

can i geotag the images with the ilook+ in the x4?

Bo Lorentzen

Hey James, if I could pick ONLY one quad to do video with, I would take a q500 because of the better camera gimbal.

the Scout is a sweet ride and much faster, but the Walkera gimbal just is nowhere close to the q500.
Obviously things can get more complicated, because you can use a GoPro4 which is better than the q500 camera.. and you could do a Matt Kim upgrade to the Scout gimbal.. but with a GoPro and a Matt Kimm upgrade. you are into $2000 so the $1300 q500 is still the better deal overall.


Based on money-to-quality/feature ratio (taking into account camera quality), for someone looking to purchase 1 drone and 1 drone only, would you recommend the Scout X4 or the Q500? Thanks.


Bo, awesome overview! This quad looks truly amazing and will definitely give DJI a run for it's money.

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Ben, dropping from 40 feet is now how its supposed to work. :-) I would join the walkera support group here https://www.facebook.com/groups/1616876018546562/
And also shoot a email to Allan at iUASinc.com he is the main tech guy for north-america at the moment.

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Sebastian, check the file section on the Walkera owners group https://www.facebook.com/groups/1616876018546562/

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