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Dwight Dolliver


I have had at this point all the varying models of the Q-500. My first ones were sent back and replaced with the Q-500+ models because of the original camera issues however they flew really great. For what ever reason the original models flew better than my later plus's that had the better & newer cameras on them. The moral of this story may be (smile) if you have a great Flyer don't get rid of the Air frame change the camera instead Darn it, Lol !..Double D

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Russell,

The address for Yuneec support is on the bottom of the Yuneec.com page.

It is also printed on the top black sheet from the kit when you unpacked it.
PLEASE. do NOT send anything to support before you talk to them on the phone and get a RMA number.


I have the Yuneec Typhoon Q500 Aerial Drone.
I need the Aerial Drone serviced to REPAIR the CAMERA.

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Fung, adjust the counter-balance on the back of the camera, screw it OUT so it is further away from center to stop the vibrations.


Hello! Any new gimbal for q500 instad of using the cgo2? So i can use Agropro.

My q500 has a wierd buzz and vabration on the camera.

The cgo2 also has something wierd, it moves the camera up and down making the video bad.
Do you how to fix that?

Bo Lorentzen

OUCH Carlo, that don't sound right, you need to call or email Yuneec tech-support.!

BTW> do NOT run motors without props with more than 25% power as that can damage them.


good morning
I know what are the messages that give the blue LED located below the engine (in esc) and how you can change the way they blink?
my typhoon has one of the two blue LED engine right front that flashes 5 times per second while the other 3 engines do not.
can you give me some advice to solve this anomaly?
when I try to run the engine without propeller engines at some point begin to vibrate excessively so until they turn off by remote control .......
help meeee
thanks greetings Carlo.

Bo Lorentzen

@david seabull - you can run the motors inside without props.. but PLEASE do not push the throttle very high, stay at 20-30% power.

david seabull

hi guys anyone tryed to turn it on and spin the motors inside, with out the props i tried and can get it to start. just took it out of the box. help all is charged want to just turn it on with out props to learn all controls before going out. have not tried ti outside.

Bo Lorentzen

@Lance J. Danks Yeah I hear you, this is becoming really annoying, however, I know Walkera also is having problems getting the 4K cameras, Im sure this will eventually be history and we will be flying 4K cameras.. (i will probably be saving the file as 1080p)

Lance J. Danks

All this talk about the new and improved 4k camera, so where is it?? Last I heard late April early May 2015. Maybe they mean 2016...The Phantom 3 and Inspire 1 are looking better all the time...BTW THE PHANTOM 3 is due to be released May 15. At least dji is willing to put their release date out there...

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Dread InNY, Im "guessing" that the q500 4K may compare pretty nicely with the P3, however I have not actually flown it yet. As soon as I get hands on one, I will be doing a evaluation, I will be comparing it against the GoPro4, to see how dynamic range stacks up and how details render.
We both completely agree on the current q500 video quality. its not production grade by any stretch of imagination.

Dread InNY

I am curious how the 4K version stakes up against the DJI 4K. I am filming a documentary and need a camera for aerial slow motion shots. Please give opinions/data. I am NOT like the digital jaggies on this version.

Bo Lorentzen

@Owen Heuston correct, the current q500+ is still not a true 1080p file.
The drama on RCgroups is kinda getting old. I would wait, the 4K is staid to ship in june. :-)

Owen Heuston

@Bo - So the 500+ is still not a true 1080p camera? I have not found any reviews on it but I like the fact that it had no fisheye, but I do not like the exaggerated look of the gopro. Are you saying that you cannot control the ISO and shutter speed of 500+ camera? I am a professional photographer, have a Nikon D800, but am not a videographer. I am more interested in the video quality instead of the stills for the drone\uav I get. I actually pre-ordered the 500+ from Adorama(it is on backorder) and have been having second thoughts lately. I say the DJI Professional and it looks nice but am worried about the tech support of that company. I have been following the drama on the Yuneeq rcgroups forum thread and it looks like there is no release date for the Yineeq 4k, at least from what I have seen.

Bo Lorentzen

@Owen Heuston I would absolutely get the 4K camera, mostly because its got ISO, shutter speed, and white-balance.
You can always select 1080p video format, and simply use it to capture 1080p video.
the camera on the q500+ is essentially the exact same as the original one, just with better colors and less fisheye. however its still a fairly low-resolution camera and not a true 1080p. because of that I would absolutely get the 4K camera even if I wanted to record 1080p files.

Owen Heuston

Is the 4k model really necessary considering the rendering time it would take to process a movie? What do you think of the Yuneeq 500+ without fisheye etc?

Bo Lorentzen

I would pick the q500 4K edition thats about to ship in May 2015.


Is there another quad that is comparable to the q500 that has a better camera that you would recommend?

Bo Lorentzen

WOW.. that is a good question.
1. YES the q500 series is without a doubt one of the easiest quads to fly. Yuneec managed to get the right blend of settings and this thing is easier to fly than my inspire-1
2. is a little harder. generally I routinely buy used quads. however it really depend how its been treated, kind like buying a muscle car from a teenager.. its hard making me believe he have driven it like grandma.



I read your review and the comments here. I have never owned a quadcopter but have been doing months of research. I made the mistake of going in on the Plexidrone and got out of that. My question is, for someone who is not a professional videographer, is the Q500 worth a look? Also what are the dangers of buying one of these used?

Larry burbidge

Sorry forgot to mention the camera and gimbal is very fragile on the phantom 2 compared to the Q500.

Larry burbidge

Hi,great info I have flown my q500 in some nasty conditions and it has shot very stable clear video and stills.I own a line locating survey company and we have been testing the q500,phantom vision 2 and my aspire1.So far here's what we have found.q500 is the best buck for your dollar ,it's vid is super stable and clear compared to the phantom 2,it handles better in wind or gusts and much easier to see when your shooting large gas plants or pipeline ROWs it can also land on uneven ground safely due to the stable leg stance phantom is top heavy and legs are straight up and down.The phantom is more portable and self tightening blades are great plus their tough,q500 are a little to brittle,but we did notice the q500 is much quieter when taking off and flying full throttle.But the best part about the Q500 is Yuneecs service I needed a new motor and called their tech support they (Ryan ) said no problem sending me one no charge!!!Now that's how you run a business.So I mentioned I had a Aspire 1 yes great machine but it had some issues on 4th flight lost total control was able to land it after clipping tree branch Anyhow I called on hold for 20 min hung up,called my dealer,since I only had for 7 days long story short dealers can't do any repairs it has to go back to LA so It cost me $220+ to send 1way with insurance and they can't get at it for 5 to six weeks just for a motor .so it looks right now that if you need anything for an aspire besides a battery or props your hopped!if I would have known this I wouldn't have bought it and now that Q500 is coming out with a 4k and some other new goodies I'm sold,I will definitely by more of them.

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Walter, congratulations with the new Q500, its a awesome video copter.
WOW. that is actually a better question than you may realize :-)
Yuneec is close friends and OEM for a lot of the HorizonHobby gear, you can probably see where Im going with this... as a result you can fly the q500 with a 10ch or better Spectrum radio.. I would guess you can also fly a mini-quad with a spectrum RX using the ST-10, however since the ST10 is such a dedicated radio, I would suggest getting a inexpensive radio for your mini-quad.



Great review. I just purchased the Q500 as my first real drone. A quick question. I would like to try to build a QAV250. Would the Yuneec radio work with other drones?


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