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Bo Lorentzen

Walkera makes a GoPro edition of the Voyager3, I would pick that one over the stock camera. however I dont know if they are interchangeable

Steven botwright

Can you just swap over a 4K walkera camera to a go pro gimbal on the voyager 3 without any problems? Thanks

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Ian, the camera is powered from the Voyager 3 directly.

Ian Gosling

Great review. I'm having trouble with my 4K camera....can u tell me if the camera is always powered directly from the drone battery or does it need to be separately charged through the mini USB connection? Thanks

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Patrick, Walkera are selling those, shoot a email to Walkera.com 's customer service.


Does anyone know how I can get my hands on just the gopro gimbal for this


I just found out that the inspire 1 has a new flight program that is similar to the voyager 3. I would love to see a comparison on both copters and see how each of their new setups compare.

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Matt, unfortunately Walkera have not put together a updated Voyager 3, we are still on the original one, that unfortunately mean no solid POI or follow-me flying. at least not at this time. Im really hoping for something more solid from Walkera in the spring as their lineup right now is sadly missing a serious video platform.

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Matt, unfortunately Walkera have not put together a updated Voyager 3, we are still on the original one, that unfortunately mean no solid POI or follow-me flying. at least not at this time. Im really hoping for something more solid from Walkera in the spring as their lineup right now is sadly missing a serious video platform.


Hey Bo, I have seen a few reviews on the Voyager 3 but yours was by far the best. I cant wait to see your review of the final version and it flying. I am looking for a drone for doing photos. I like the follow me and circle me. I am looking forward to see how well it does the different actions on film. Does it circle smooth and keep the object in frame or is the picture changing as it course corrects every 10 feet as it circles or follows. I like the inspire 1 but it doesn't follow me or circle me. But if the action isn't smooth or of any quality on the voyager, the money might be better spent on the Inspire 1. Can't wait to see your review. Great job...

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Maxim, no worries, totally agree with you this is a disappointment, as it is today, the P3 pro or the Yuneec 4K are far superior quads at the moment.


Wow ..... what a dissapoitment for me . Thats a bummer . I was hoping to buy it. It was either Phantom 3 , or this . Voyager seemed more advanced and sexy at the same time . Thank you for such a fast , dissapointing Clarification on this Drone . I left the same comment on your youtube video ( sorry) But , thanks Mr.Lorentzen!

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Maxim, I don't think there is any confusion. it seems Walkera have discontinued the Voyager3, I don't think there is any full spec units on the market.
the 4K camera never materialized, and i have not yet seen one with twist on props. Basically I would not recommend buying the Voyager3 at this point.


Hey guys, so im going crazy for the answer for the following questions ..... Some are saying its out but its not a final version some say its the final , some websites are selling it , very little videos on youtube .Is the walkera site that sells it , final or not ? SO IS THE VOYAGER OUT WITH ITS FINAL VERSION OR NOT ?! 4k camera ? self tightening props? Why is it so confusing ??? I dont want to buy something that is a "pre" crap . And question number 2 is ... Im googling parts for this thing and the World Wide Web is EMPTY .only managed to find spare battery for $280..... Hard to find parts for it ? Red Flag ?? Thanks .

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Derk, Unfortunately the camera on the Voyager can't be adjusted with date.

Derk Somsen

Hi Bo, do you have any information how to correct the date and time stamp on the Walkera Camera?
Mine is showing December 31 1979 and I cannot change the date whatever I tried.
Thanks, Derk

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Ryan, there are TWO bluetooth units, you need to specify Android or iOS when you order.


Do you know if it is compatible with the iPad because I just go my Voyager 3 in and it is not picking up the BT thanks

Bo Lorentzen

OUCH Håkon, thats not good news.

Well there are a number of things that can be fixed hopefully. make sure the antennas are screwed in correctly. next try toggling the frequency on the transmitter or the receiver, if you only get B&W you are probably off by one channel.

You should have a circular polarizer antenna on both the Voyager and on the radio. If the radio antenna is not attached correctly, then you only get particle signal and it could be B&W.

There is a problem with the video transmitter, it is sitting in the little box on the belly of the Voyager.. several of them have over-heated and stopped working, mine is going to snow probably because of the heat there.

Håkon Levorsen

I just bought Voyager 3 from the United States. Living in Norway, but who know such things are so expensive that it pays to buy abroad. Enough about that. I have to wait for over a month at the Voyagers. Got it today and for a disappointment. Gimbal is not working. Getting only black / white on the screen no color. Video link antenna on the remote control can not I get screwed in.
Can it be that there are Gimbal that there's something wrong with. Or it may simply be because I do not get screwed antenna clears?
Been away in similar cases? What can possibly be done to fixe it.
Greeting Håkon L

Bo Lorentzen

@Christian - I had a lot of one-on-one time with the hexa Voyager3, particularly the one design is pretty sweet. but right now walkera is having a lot of issues with the Voyager 3, I would hold off and consider a 350premium that can lift the same and can be converted to X8 if you want something really sexy. wait on the Voyager3 until actual production units start shipping and people have owned and flown them in a couple months. the units shipping now is pre-production units, and as far as I can tell, roughly 50% of the ones I know about have crashed.. That is way too high a number.


First off I must say I do love all your reviews and how thorough you get with each one, so thanks very much for doing so. One of the questions I have about the voyager 3 is I've heard news about walkera possibly offering 2-3 possible versions of the V3. Do you know anything about that? Is it true? Ive seen in a video on YouTube that they maybe offering a hexacopter version of the V3. My greatest interest would be with the V3 hex... Please any and all information of which would be highly appreciated!


Bo Lorentzen

Hey Moreno's Studios, not entirely sure, but I would say 30mph is a good guess.
Sorry, there is no carbon-fiber, its all plastic with water transfers.

Moreno's Studios

Great review and videos! Wondering if anyone knows what the flight speed of the Voyager 3 is? Also is any part of the craft made of Carbon Fiber or is it all plastic with a carbon fiber look?


Bo Lorentzen

Hey Peter, the generic camera options is kinda a two side sword. simply because most of those gimbals never end up being as good as the dedicated ball-cameras.
But I agree with you, it would be nice to have easier access to picking any camera.

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