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sean sullivan

Complete crap have to spend another 500.00 on top of the 1299.00 just horrible customer service.

Bo Lorentzen

WOW.. Pete, "the last new quad" thats harsh...
OK I really like the new P4, and you can get the very good advanced version for $999
BUT... you can upgrade your original crud yuneec cam to a 4K for $450... I think I would upgrade when it ships and save the last new quad to next year. :-)


Bo I really like the info you share and I know you fly a lot of Quads. I currently have an original Q500 which I love but the video is quite lacking. I'm looking at the Q500 4K and the Phantom P3. My wife says this is my last new quad. In your opinion would you buy the P3 Professional or wait for the Yuneec 4K? Really appreciate any advice / insight you might share.

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Martin, Keep bugging Yuneec if you need support, Ryan are hiring more techs and growing that department as fast as he can.

Im not sure its fair blaming Yuneec for Canada customs rates? but I think you have a good point, they should have a central Canadian location for shipping updated cameras etc to make it a little less challenging to get the pieces in and out of the country.


Hey I'm in Canada so that's another 25 % plus like the free Steady Grip it cost me $ 50 U.S delivery so that means at least $ 50 to send it in and the at least another $ 50 U.S to send it to me so to up grade to the 4 K camera it would be almost $ 750 CDN. That it is if we can do a trade in at our local Hobby store ? I think I will be looking at a new Advanced DJI for just another & 500.
I think Yuneecs service is becoming just like DJIS as I have sent Emails and never get a response
The down falls of success.
Feel free to make any comments

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Frank, Im in agreement with you, but in all fairness, no other quad company have offered ANY upgrade, (expensive or not). so I would not toss Yuneec under the bus quite yet. (I'm also not buying a ST10+ update, but will get the 4K camera)


I agree Bo. But it's disappointing for those who purchased the q500 early and were told something different to motivate the early purchase; me being one of them.

For us the larger screen size and app of the ST10+ was attractive and our biggest desire

I personally love the Q500, it was our stepping stone to the hire priced products.

I agree with Pedro, bad decision Yuneec. Your making me and others think.....and when we think; customer loyalties can change.

Bo Lorentzen

Pedro.. you don't have to buy both the camera and the transmitter.. just the camera.!

Bo Lorentzen

Frank, you are wrong.!
You can fly the 4K camera with the ST10 controller you already have, Yuneec will be releasing a firmware upgrade for it. there is no real difference between the ST10 and ST10+ other than the screen size. the screen is basically a android tablet and the tablet simply run a app to communicate with the camera.


So if I have the original q500 and want to upgrade to 4K and newer and improved ST10. I have to pay $449.99 for the camera AND $427.00 for the plus version.ST10 would be $876.99.

Decision time.

Please tell me I'm wrong...


Hi, Bo! For that prices for a new cam and transmitter Yunnec is not giving nothing special because that prices are too high. For the same Money I prefer to buy a GoPro 4 and for almost 450 bucks transmitter I can buy one more powerfull. Remeber that Walkera Devo F12e is less expensive than the new or olde ST10.
Yuneec is making that a lot of pilots dont make the upgrade due such prices. I'm sorry but they should take more attention to the buyers as myself we bought the Q middle of March 2015.

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