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Lee Barret

When I received mine after a 6 week wait, the metal cable plug that connects everything on the top of the unit in what I know as a (5 pin DIN PLUG) was loose and wouldn't work. Well guess what if you don't fix it yourself, you will wait another 6-8 weeks to get a replacement for a defective unit!! They should test them before they are shipped out, but that's just me.... Lucky for me I am somewhat mechanically incline, & was able to fix it. But it was a 2 hour job, not to mention the drive to buy the part that was defective. So be sure you get a working model, or you will be in for a long wait for a replacement......

Lee BArret

Good luck finding the "HDMI mini to HDMI mini" cable you will need to use with the "DJI Inspire"! NO ONE HAS THESE DAMN THINGS!!! Also limited online I'm finding out. I found ONLY ONE (1) on Amazon....

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Stephan, I probably made a typo, Im nearsighted, the FatShark kit contain -2 / -4 / -6

You could use a pair of old lenses, or readers, and mill them to match the edge of the stock FatShark diopters.

Stefan van der Ende

Hi , Bo ,

Where did you get your +4 inserts for the fatshark from , I need +2 and can,t find them anywhere


Bo Lorentzen

Colt - not all of them are announced yet. I will be having a write-up as soon as I can.

Bo Lorentzen

Thank you Larry. :-)

Ken Keenan, Barrie, Ont. Can

Hi Bo. Great review. I have been waiting for them to come out with something different in goggles and here it is.
Enjoy all your vids. Am just new in the hobby and my first fpv was on an android phone and yes field of view is small and there was a slight delay which made it a little difficult.

I see you enjoy opening up the mail and checking out the new products as much as I do. Keep em' coming.


Larry burbidge

Bo Great review ,once again.

Colt West


What are the 3 other systems coming down the pipe?

Bo Lorentzen

Hej Jacob,
The best possible quality is plugging the cable from a inspire or a light-bridge into the HDMI port. and YES there are at least 3 other systems on the way that will be delivering 720p or better, (including one from Denmark) the problem is not the HD, but the amount of lag you can accept, if you are flying high, lag is not really a issue, however flying proximity, lag is a big deal.

Use good antennas, a good video transmitter, I use the ImmersionRC 600mw, however lots of folks love the Boscam, the HeadPlay's have a build in RX, which really is quite good, no need to mess with it.

MVH fra Hollywood :-)



Hi Bo - (En hilsen fra KĂžbenhavn:-)

I am looking forward to these Headplay HD - I'm just wondering what kind of camera is best for getting the most out of the Headplays?. CCD vs CMOS ? What about the Vtx & Vrx ? Could you recommend anything above average, if I was to spend a bit more on this ?
And as the video guru you are - when do you think, we will see some better quality camera/transmitting (HD?) for Quad racing drones, so the HP FPV would come to its full potential ? I mean why even make these in a HD resolution? It is like buying a UHD watching DVD content on it (I guess:-)

Thanks for all you reviews

/Jacob, CPH

Bo Lorentzen

Hey James, The HeadPlays work with anything that will give you a video signal, analog or HDMI

James S.

How do they work with a flir?

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Tor, the HeadPlays are a fairly good fit with glasses, just a FYI, you can also put diopters in the FatShark goggles :-) I have -4 in both sides of mine. (for near-sighted)

That said, the 720p screen on the HeadPlay is awesome with the Inspire.. and the size of the image is seductive.

My biggest issue is that for me the fit on the forehead is not as good as I could hope and it get somewhat uncomfortable after a while.

Tor Lindberg

Great review, Bo! And it answered my question about whether it is possible to use glasses inside it! I have to rely on +2 reading glasses when looking at screens and such. I already own a pair of Zeiss Cimemizers and there you can conveniently adjust the lens of each eye individually. I have to say though that I still miss the real feeling of immersion with those and it looks like the Headplay unit just might be the ticket. Also, the Cinemizer has this non removable cable attached with the controlbox with HDMI input. I think this is a hassle. With Headplay you only have a HDMI cable between the unit and my quad (yes, I am using an Inspire 1) and you get to chose a length which is comfortable. Besides, you can have several batteries to extend playtime!!!


This is amazing. I can't wait to get my sample unit. Also, we will be representing them on our site CarolinaDronz.com.

Great review Bo

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