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Bo Lorentzen

Hey Rob, nope, don't have plans for a Chroma review at this time, in terms of comparison, this is the same battery, same flight-controller, same motors, came camera and is almost identical to the Q500 :-)

Rob Weaver

Bo are you going to do an unboxed and review of blade chroma and are you going to do one on comparing the q500 k / blade 4k chroma

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Ted, nope the 920 is sometimes this fall at the earliest it seems.

LOL nope, 3DR and Yuneec don't OEM the same place, Yuneec is a OEM for several multi rotors, I believe the 4K camera is finally in route but got hold up that they are putting a updated firmware on them.

Ted Holtmark

Hi Bo,

Any word from Yuneec on the availability of the H920? Hope you can get your hands on one soon for an unboxing, review and test flight. Also, do you think Yuneec is using the same production facilities as 3DR since their gimbals are delayed to at least July?



Bo Lorentzen

Totally agree, since about 2008 I have been describing these as flying camcorders. and I think we will see them in all kinda roles in the future, from little action-cam flyers to big production systems.


Really looking forward to the q500 4K.

I can see drone footage playing a major role in video production over the coming years, especially as cameras improve.

Drones will allow small businesses to take advantage of airborne angles, which previously only larger outfits could afford. After all, not everyone can afford hiring a helicopter for the best angles.

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