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Bo Lorentzen

Hey Jesus, the Walkera Goggle4 are surprisingly good value and works perfect with the 250 quad. now if you are new to quads in general, i would probably pick up a Rodeo 110 BNF instead of a 250, but thats just me.


i am going to buy a runner 250 basic from a friend. I was looking at goggles, and ended up ordering a pair of Goggle 4 online. It says it works with the runner 250 gps option, but what do you think?. Will/should they work properly, and should i just get something else..


GearBest is moving it's US warehouse so there are a lot of stocked products that are going on the sale from that location.Walkera Upgraded Runner 250 FPV Quadcopter is now at a flash sale on US warehouse: http://www.gearbest.com/rc-quadcopters/pp_227356.html

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Kristopher, don't worry about the motors, just go easy on them, Ive been removing stop props for over half a year now without any problems ;-)

Kristopher Bunch

Get rid of the stock thread-less props as fast as you can! I ran into an issue, when, not IF you break props and are only left with the center plastic piece you will have to use two sets of pliers to get it off. You have to brace the motor with one pair and use the other to spin the center plastic piece of the prop to get it off. I worry about damaging the motors when I do that.

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Mike, I have to say I have not flown the 250 since I got the F210, I don't recall the settings, however it is described in the manual ;-)

Mike B

Thanks for the videos. Very few Runner 250, Devo 7 videos on youtube. FMD in 0 is normal stable mode. 2 is ACRO no stabilize mode. Correct? what is the center position? Also, you said have mix in the center. What are the 3 different mix modes? This is my 3rd quad and by far has the least information anywhere. Thanks again.

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Alex,
Take the quad down to your local hardware store metric section, and find a set of nuts, remember two of them need to turn left hand to work.


hey! I brought some gemfan blades and some EMAX MT2204 MT2206 Nuts but the nuts don't fit?!?!? I have the 250 advance any ideas? are the motors different on the advance? just waiting for my goggles 4 to arrive so I can have a proper FPV flight :)


Bo Lorentzen

Hey Josh, upgrading the VTX on the 250 is incredible hard if you want to maintain the OSD, my solution which is not perfect is using a 3 turn helical antenna on my goggles instead as that gets me plenty of reach without BOOSTING the VTX.

Josh Webb

Hey FPV Guy!

First off...great site and info!!! I had a question about my Walkera runner 250 and I was wondering if u could be any help or had any input on the matter. I was looking to upgrade the 200mw video transmitter to a 600mw video transmitter and still be able to keep on screen display info. After taking the drone apart it appears all these "modules" plug directly into the frame almost like a motherboard fits sticks of RAM. It looks to be almost impossible to take these modules apart and upgrade parts. Do you know of any way to upgrade the video transmitter without bypassing the OSD?

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Victoriano, the F4 won't do the trick you need a Devo F7, however honestly, get goggles. :-)

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Jeff,
Yes you can swap the camera, but frankly its not that good, you are better off buying a super-fast lens for the RUNNER camera. ;-)

Alexander ramos

I'm using fatshark dominator v3 goggles on my runner 250 advance. I'm not able to get video on my goggles but I get osd. Why am I not able to get video? I have the cap off, all the wires are connected in their approximate location. Any idea what's wrong. And I'm using a nexwave 32 channel receiver in the goggles and stock vtx on the runner advance. Need help with this.

Pedro Costeira

Hi. I just bought the walkera runner 250 basic with the 800tvl default camera. Now i need to buy the goggles. Which ones do you recommend? I dont have the possibility to do any soldering or advanced modding btw.

Victoriano Saldana

Hello, great website and videos... I have Walkera runner 250 and don't have monitor or goggles yet. After looking on the web I see that the Devo 4 transmitter/video reciever is only going for less than $60 us. My question is will that controller work with the Devo 710 Rx that came with the quad? With the Devo 4 only having 4 channels will the quad be able to bind and fly?

Jeff - FPV Newbie


Can you swap out the FPV camera on the Runner 250 basic 3 package with the F210 FPV camera so you can have night vision?

Shane Wymore


What is the highest mah 11.1v 3S battery that can be used with the runner?

Michael Robertson

Thanks, maybe if I order again from a different website I will get the cable.

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Michael, normally there is a camera cable with the camera.
you will need to purchase a antenna as well, and a second antenna for your goggles, make sure they are matching.

Michael Robertson

I built the DIY version of this quad some time back. I am looking to add the camera and fpv transmitter. Can anyone tell me if the camera cable comes with the camera? I ordered one on Amazon and it did not, but it was shown in the picture. Does the cable come with the transmitter, do I need to order the antenna separately?

Bo Lorentzen

Sera, I use my FatShark goggles directly with the RUNNER< no need to modify with different VTX.

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Sera, sorry for the slow reply.
OK im guessing you also put your own camera, because the Walkera camera need 12v.


Hi Bo, I just purchased the Runner 250 Advance, wich seems to have a slightly different camera. The fact is that i'm not able to use my FatShark Attitude V2 goggles and the Immersion 600mW on the quad, they just won't work. I replaced the Walkera transmitter and soldered a power wire from the battery directly to the VTX (12V) and it's giving the 5V output which my camera needs. I've tried connecting them with and without the OSD and everything seems to work (the leds are all on). But I don't get any signal on my goggles.
My connections set-up so far is this one: Camera>Quad Board>OSD>VTX>Power(12V)
Without OSD: Camera>VTX>Power(12V)
Any idea on why it could not be working?
Any reply would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance and keep up the good work! :)

Bo Lorentzen

:-) Giboulot, you will have fun flying with the FatSharks, I spend more than a hour flying goggles yesterday.
BTW check out my crash-test of the new Walkera F210 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1uFmEcho2so

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