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Douglas Lakin

My qr x350 premium also vibrates with out props and motor cans are balanced, any ideas, if you pinch lightly any of motor pods this vibration goes away

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Daniel,
The 350 should be smooth as you spin up, if it start shaking, there probably is a un-balanced prop.?


Hey Bo how are ya
I just got my QR X350 PREMIUM. I haven't taken it for a fly test, but notice that between 0%-50% throttle without the blades on, the drone wobbles pretty severely. Should I be concerned and send it back? Once the throttle past 50% and up the wobbling goes away and it seems steady. Thank you)

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Chuck, sorry for the slow reply, I spend all week at CES,
I would take a look at the new birds, as both of these are quickly getting a bit dated ;-)

Check my YouTube channel for CES videos here https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLex0YFewxwC9myXgdxnRtamVRaN0NlOh7

Chuck M.

I'm torn between the Walkera Scout x4 and the QR X350 Premium. First, I've notices ads for FVP1 2 and 3. What's the difference? Also, I understand the Scout has been around for a while and the forums reviews are mixed. And there's advise out there on improving sat reception.

Has the October firmware update put the Scout back out front?

I just don't know. I'm in analysis paralysis.

What's really got me confused is the number of potential buyers watching the Scout on ebay in comparison to the X350 Premium (the superior product, I'm guessing).

In addition, the Scouts are priced lower on the Walkera site but higher on ebay.

All that being said, which is the better bird? My head is spinning, please share the wisdom.


It's 1399,- now.

Anyways, thanks for the verry interesting video.

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