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Bo Lorentzen

Totally agree with you, Yuneec is very customer oriented, and getting "in bed" with one of the worlds biggest chip makers can only lead to awesomeness. right now the control systems onboard are a number of separate components which are likely to quickly become complete systems on chips. (more or less), this should provide lighter and more reliable systems.

Dwight Dolliver


Personally I think with this kind of investment from Intel it will be DJI VS: YUNEEC Game on Baby! That is a huge Investment and will propell Yuneec to great heights. Especially thinking that they have gotten this far on there own for the most part. Couldn't think of a nicer (they are very good to there customers, way better than DJI) Company to have this happen too! Plus Intel is a very savy company they do not throw there money around lightly. It will be interesting to see what Yuneec can come up with in the future with this rather large outside Intel Cash development Infusion !!!...Dwight

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