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Bo Lorentzen

Hey Hans,
I don't actually have the runner you are talking about, that sounds like the GPS edition, the runner is a short-range quad and generally I don't recommend GPS / RTH operations with it. but I do understand that some users want these features. the best way to setup the radio, is to create a new model, then follow carefully the included setup guide for the Devo 7. the guide is quite good, but you need to do each step. ;-)


Hi Bo Lorentzen,

Would you please make a video about tutorial how to setup devo7 on walkera runner 250 advance ?
This is my first time playing quadcopter. How to setup each menu on devo7, how to setup "hold", how to setup "return to home", how to setup activate the camera, to take picture or to record some video ?

Thank you so much Bo Lorentzen.

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Dan, nothing, it just don't record, actually i think it show you a red missing card on the OSD


What happens if I turn it on and forget to put a sd card in.the walkera 250 gps advanced.

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Seth, People DONT fly proximity FPV with GPS quads, the GPS are too restricting to fly comfortable between branches in the top of a tree.
the RUNNER GPS is simply a putter around GPS supported mini-quad, making transition easy for new users, but if they want to race, they have to learn to fly without GPS.


do people really use full gps when raceing through the trees and things.seems alot could brake when i hit something..or is this a more nimbal version of a photo shooting drone?

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Kris, sorry for the slow reply, Ive been at CES all week (check my YouTUbe for videos)

OK YES good question, as far as I'm aware, you should be able to swap the CC3D controller kit directly into the original, its using the same connectors and everything. probably just a swap is all you need.


Hi Bo, I'm a big fan and follow all your videos. As you have both the old and the new I wanted to ask you a question as if anyone will know I'm sure you will! With he new Advance coming out and especially the one with CC3D flight controller, do you know if you can fit this to the original Runner 250? I would love to have the GPS and it IS enabled on the old one but with no barometer can't get it working. Read some posts from people saying you may be able to try taking the flight controller off the advance and fitting to the original. If you can let me know your thoughts that would be great

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Romer, Walkera have not made a GPS update kit, personally I would suggest leaving the original runner alone, only update I would do, would be the better CC3D flight-controller. and the GPS version sucks in that it flies slower and the barometer interfere with your flying.


Hi, Any update on the upgrade kit for runner 250 with gps module?


Hey Bo, thanks for this review. I now have this beast, I love it. one problem I have (as HobbyKing said) because the camera is 1080p and the monitor (Quanum Goggle V2) they said the screen size is not rescaling correctly, the top telemtry data cane bearly be seen. They sent me a repalcement goggle and i changed the Vrx, the problem is the same. Any idea?

Frank Engel

Hello my Name is Frank and iam living in Spain i have seen your idears and i can sy onyl wow an exelent !!!!!!!

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Davis, the GPS permit you to let the quad hang in GPS lock, so its easier to fly than the non-GPS version, however its not as fast because the GPS system is constantly between you and the quad.


Is runner 250 GPS for beginner without any flying experience? Do I get a lot of crashes?

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Paul, AWESOME.. glad its working out for you. once these things are flying right, we tend to have a ton of fun with them. :-)


Well, after my first flight that destroyed my runner($80 damage) I set up the remote and learned to fly! Boy oh boy this thing is great! I reinforced the battery tray with 3m one sided rubber tape and 1 pc of foam and 2 straps and I put the original rubber mat on top of the battery overlapping both batt and foam...my son cartwheeled the runner across a gravel parking lot at about 5 mph and the battery did not move and only folded one prop, no other damage

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Paul, YES the battery "tray" thing fits on both.

LOL do it. stock up on some parts and sell them to desperate FPV addicts.. :-)


I think I should become a parts dealer as I can't find any local parts here in ontario canada


Will the new battery tray fit on the old runner, my battery slipped forward on my last crash and bust the av connector right off the main board. Going to attempt soldering cable dongle to board to save $20

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Paul, I have asked Walkera for a upgrade kit, and will be making a step-by-step post once I get my hands on one, lets see how it goes together before calling it.


Thx for all your help, I think it's worth the $150 to upgrade since I can't afford 2 drones right now..can't wait!

Bo Lorentzen

Paul, any "real" charger will do, I use a couple of the TALI chargers with a XT60 pigtail and can charge a RUNNER battery in about 15 minutes. I did a adapter so I can plug my cigarette power plug from the car directly to the TALI charger and feed it 12v, that slow down the charge a little and takes about 20 minutes.. but I get fresh batteries while away from home.

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Paul, its my impression that she is partially correct, you would need to replace PDB, FC and naturally the GPS. by the time you got maybe $150 into the system, why not get a $350 basic GPS runner?


Bella from walkera sent me an email stating that the original runner 250 cannot be upgraded to gps. Please tell me she misunderstood me.


What kind of battery charger can I get that charge multiple batteries and charge them fast

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