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Bo Lorentzen

Hey Roger, check out the ProDrone Facebook group, its now called GDU, look for Charles Wang, he will set you up


Hey how are you, your videos are great, just one question after I saw you video on the gdu Byrd I went and got the advanced version but I can not get wifi signal to my iPad, I saw you suggested to reconnect the gimbal but that didn't work any suggestions, any help is greatly appreciated, haven't had much success with gdu customer support

Bo Lorentzen

The ProDrone is probably still kinda large if traveling and living out of a backpack.

Brandon Bridges

I back back around so how safe would it be in my back pack? traveling from city to city?

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Greg, sorry for the slow reply. Mjah. +1 on the wobble, there actually is both, there is somme outright wobble and some jello. the gimbal and camera is kinda a afterthought and don't match how well the ProDrone works in general. the one Im personally interested in is the GoPro version (the advanced) because at least I can control the camera quality.. and I can replace the gimbal-controller with a proper one.


HI. I just came across this. Thank you - this is the most comprehensive look at the prodrone I have seen! One comment. The video seems to be VERY wobbly. Is that jello or just the wobbles - I'm not sure. This is how my Phantom footage would look on a VERY windy day, and even then only sometimes. Can you comment on this? I was about to order a premium, but the wobble is a deal breaker (for me). Whaddya think?

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Dwight, you can use android and iOS tablets, the video is being streamed over the 2.4ghz connection and then pushed to the WiFi.
The thermal camera is 320x160px so that edition should run about $2500, think $1000 aircraft + $1500 thermal camera.

Dwight Dolliver


Hey what if you don't want to use your smart phone for a monitor?
Then you just use a tablet, I guess ? Will it also work with most 5.8GHz Monitors and the like ? How much is the IR version going to cost ??? So many Questions so little (smile) Digital Paper,Lol!.DD

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Mark, thats a really good question. Bottom line, its 3 gimbal options, the GoPro is one, the 1080p and the 4k are both slightly one piece designs.
Having played with the standard edition, Im probably going to order a GoPro version, its got the better range and let me use a GoPro4 camera, also come with down-camera and sonar altitude lock option, longer control range, AND the payload drop. for only $100 more.

Mark Banas

Hey Bo, I know you're working on the video (which I'm sure will have much more detail), but a quick question that ProDrone's site doesn't answer:

Is it a single gimbal for all types of cameras you can mount? From the photos, it looks like the same device. Thanks!

Bo Lorentzen

hey bufischer, thats to keep it better balanced with different loads, such as different cameras, since the thing literally click on and off, the gimbal travels in its own padded case. (pictures being uploaded later)


I wonder why the gimbal (+ camera) is mounted underneath and not in front (like e.g. the Airdog has), to make the copter even more compact??

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