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Bo Lorentzen

Hey David, yeah agree, like I said, I would feel very different about this even at $350 than 450. just just a bit too steep, that said, in DYS's favor, this is a INCREDIBLE nice syma-compattbile product. build the way we would have hoped syma build theirs, and with a real battery, brushless motors etc.. (not syma brushed gear motors)


Hi Bo-thanks again for the new product review.

My take on this is that it is really toy grade due to poor video, no GPS (although I am assuming it had altitude hold?), no FPV screen, no self-locking props, etc. I further speculate that there is no way to view the video from a smart phone, so no app and not even a phone holder. That being said, $450 is not reasonable for this. This seems to be "Syma compatible" product and will probably sell to newbies in the $200 range.

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