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Bo Lorentzen

Kyle, read the manual :-) flip back the fmod then follow the instructions to DISARM the quad


i have recently purchased a 320 love it fun flyer my only harps are the devo 10 and there quick start guide because i can setup the TX but for the love of god i cannot get the fmod switch to shut off my motors once there armed there on and ive gotta try not to lose a finger unplugging the battery just to shut it down and cant find any info anywhere as to how to make the fmod function as it should and on top of that aux for doesnt work and i cant get it to adjust the tilt any help would be appriciated

Texas RC Cars And Trucks

That was a very good review, thanks


Walkera QR Y100 is what i have,Please FPV guy will you share the wisdom you have on this drone and tell me exactly what you would buy to make this the best it can be.I will buy everything you list on ebay so please list things so i can locate them by the name on ebay..You are awesome.Im very interested in electronics and cool gadgets..

Bo Lorentzen

Hey gutek, buy a new ESC ;-)


I broke connector between ESC and power board in my Furious. Could You guide me how to disassemble ESC so I can switch it diagonally and check if problem is in power board or in ESC? I find it a bit hard to access after taking a first look.

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Michael, not a bad question at all. I don't remember the ones I got, I want to say they were nanotech's 4S matching mahs
Here is what you need to know to order batteries, look for matching S and mah.. then pick for the 320 something like 30-40C or better average, stay away from stuff that say 20C
Finally, don't match the battery dimensions, instead simply measure the battery-bay and make sure the battery you buy fit in the bay. (meaning it must be smaller than the aircraft)
I would get nanotech batteries, they are cheaper than the walkera originals and generally have better spect. no matter what you do, the batteries are NOT going to live forever if you fly often and hard. ;-)

Michael Ohlsson

Some stupid questions, I just got the Furious 320 today, had it out for a test drive and i felt good.

Questions is: Where can i get hold of batteri packs that are similiar to the one that is in the box with the furious 320? I havent found any that have the same messurements and stuff, and 1 pack just dosent cut it for me:) I wanna fly Moar!

I live in sweden and i dont have problem with ordering from an international source, but Where!? from who!? What modellis the correct one, i suck at the battery stuff thats why i am asking.

Thanks in advance.

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Boots, setup your Devo 10 from scratch, simply create a new profile. 99% sure your settings have been edited. ;-)


Hey Bo I can't seem to get the GPS mode working on my F320. I bought it used and I'm thinking the owner before me has changed something. Is their a way to reset to factory settings?

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Chris, both the 320 and the 210 require a left-hand circular polarized antenna on the goggles. if the video from the 320 is not showing up, you probably just need to adjust the video transmitter from the 320 to match the 210.. then either should show up when you use it.

Chris Barrowclough

Hey just got my new 320 gps rtf with the 1080 p camera and absolutely love it. Just one problem, I'm unable to connect my eachine vr 007 goggles to it. I'm using the standard ariel which is fine with my walkera f210. Does the 320 need a cloverleaf ariel to connect? Any advice would be greatfully appreciated.Christian Barrowclough


Oops well I better learn quick because it will be here tonight haha. Thats ok I will take it nice and easy :-). So goggles how do they work will any 5.8ghz set do? I like the Headplay HD goggles but can't find any compatibility suggestions. I wish there was a lot more info to get people into the hobby. Wanted to build my own but there just wasn't enough out there to make me confident in finding compatible parts and tuning them, thats why I opted for this as its RTF and seems I won't outgrow it to fast.

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Grant,
If you are NEW to FPV, stay away from the 320, you are not skilled enough to fly it ;-)
Get a Walkera F210 instead



New to the drone scene and this looks like a good start up drone. Have flown smaller ones previously. Never fpv how do I get the video signal from the quad to a monitor? What do i need to purchase is it 5.8ghz video transmission?

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Philkys, the GPS version still require some balancing on the way up, enough that the lights come on frequently, however once in the air you can flip it into GPS mode and it will hover. but it don't have a auto-start situation.
ALSO make sure the quad is sitting on perfectly level ground when you power it up, let it sit for at least 2+ minutes to get solid GPS lock, and do not move it from the power up location. when you got solid GPS, wait a bit then fly, you still need to fly it manually, then flip to GPS when in the air you should have hover.


Thx Bo ,
I have the GPS version and I had it countered with the trim so far that the turn signal was on and still really didn't work.

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Philkys,
If you are flying the no-gps quad, then you do need to balance it when you lift-off. do a couple tests over grass, power up gently and see what way it leans, then counter with the stick.


Hey I have the furious 320 and it won't take off straight. In fact it destroyed 2 props because on side seams stronger than the other. I didn't make any adjustments , followed the setup to a "T" .. What should do?

Bo Lorentzen

Good Morning Khairol - you need a video screen with 5.8ghz reception to see the video from the camera. remember to get a left-hand-circular-polarized antenna.


Hi guys,
Plz help me.
Can we connect the camera from walkera 320 to phone? Or need other device to see the live view?

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Marco, I have just stated using the "LaForge" receiver with the FatShark's HD. works perfect.


Hi Bo,
I have the F320, and men it gives me an adrenaline boost ;-)
But still in doubt to get the fatshark hdv2 as next level to enter the fpv world.
But what is your advice on raceband/antenna to go with the goggles of fatshark to get the best signal/image..
Many thanks in advance,

Bo Lorentzen

S'tan, you can't FPV with a tablet, you need to use a live screen without the delay. :-)


Hey Bo

I've actively started working on a crazy dream I've had a while ago and it's slowly becoming a reality but I'd really appreciate your input on a few things, mostly revolving around setting up FPV on my tablet. Do you have any more convenient ways of conversing then here? I'd really appreciate an email or some other contact.

Cheers, S

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