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Bo Lorentzen

Hey Bjørn, FatShark v2? jeg antager det er en dominator SD v2? :-)

Med en 210 har du en LHP antenna, så du skal have en tilsvarende på dine goggles.
FatShark er ikke en 100% frequency match med den inkludered video modtager, men jeg har brugt den i årevis uden problemer. bare toggle gennem frekvenserne til du har et klart billed.

En bedre løsning er at købe en Furious diversity modtager, den har 40 kanaler og auto-search, fantastisk modtager.

Bjørn Ibsen

Jeg har lige købt f210 3d og ligger inde med et par fatshark v2... hvordan skal jeg sætte senderen så jeg kan få et billede?

Bo Lorentzen

Brandon, the F210 is not really designed for long-range flying ;-) its much simpler using a directional antenna to increase the range of the aircraft.


To anyone who may know I'm curious as to learning how you might be able to upgrade the fpv 5.8 ghz transmitter on the walkera f210 . I'm upgrading the Devo 7 controller with a signal booster.and I'd like to have 400 mw or greater of video signal? If you could recommend a transmitter and a bit of installation instructions I would be very grateful.



Actually i have a bad vtx signal as well, after few meters away, the signal is lost. my spec is below.

- 3D edition without any update into the firmware
- did not change any setting on the flight controller
- VTX: TX5825 200mW (pre-installed) or TX 5829 25mW (bought additional)
actually the 25mW give me more stable image within few meters.
- Goggle: fatshark dominator 2
- VTX: beta band http://goo.gl/5VU4x0 or alpha band http://goo.gl/MfkDuW
- Antenna: TBS triumph on tx & rx

I think the pre-installed VTX had faultly and TX5829 one did not match my environment.. I am trying to get one more 200mW VTX to fix the issue...

If you have any advice, please let me know!
Thank yoU!

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Mark, sorry for the slow reply.
Check the frequency charts and make sure the frequency you pick are a close match on both units.
Im fascinated with this actually as I use FatSharks and have no problems, I get video out to about 300-400m without any problems.


Im at a loss I've spoken to FS and Walkera forum I can't get a clear pic to fly FPV on my Dominator V3 could you tell me what module you use on yours and dip switch settings please, I ended up buying left and right antennas 2 beta modules just incase one was faulty but I still can't get more than 20 feet away before I lose picture. The dip switches on the F210 are all in the on position I'm at a lose and it's putting me off FPV. I enjoy flying the drone and want to get into the FPV so I can practice and maybe on day race but it's becoming frustrating please help

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Andre, thank you for the kind words,
I never said they run on the same band, however they are close enough (check the frequency chart) and you will get a very good match, honestly I use them at great range without any problems at all.
for a perfect match you need to use the beta-channels receiver as that have all the channels, but then again, Im not telling you anything I have not already said many times.

Andre paul

You fucking laying piece of shit. The f210 and fats hark do not run on the same band. I'm so mad at you.

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Mark,
pull out the user-guide for the beta-module. you need to learn how to change BANDS..
OK next to avoid ghosting. turn on your 210 and walk it maybe 15+ meters away... then look at the first band, toggle all the channels, and repeat until you have a nice clear video image. done deal. :-)


I'm in need of some help please I have the F210 brought it after your reviews and watching your you tube testing download. I have the Fatshark dominator V3 and I cannot get a good signal soon as the F210 is about 10 feet away it's not possible to receive anything, could you show me if at all possible what your switches are set to on the beta modual I believe I'm suffering from bleeding but I'm at a loss what to set the switches to on the modual

Christian Paul

Hi, my fatshark predator v2 is compatible with onboard came on f210.
Sometimes there is a lot of interference that Really bugs me out. Last time we where out flying I looked in to my friends feed and there where no static/interderance at all. I think it is because the onboard system for Fpv it not that great. I got a CMOS 700V2 camera from fatshark it Came with the googles (predator v2) the vtx is a 5.8, 25mW A/VTx from Immersion RC. How can i disabli the onboard TX and camera on the f210 and instead use the new one that hopefully gives me the same nice clear pictures I saw using my friends camera and Tx. Please help!!'n best regards Christian Paul!

Bo Lorentzen

Drew you need to buy a 5.8ghz receiver and then take the video out from the receiver and plug into your monitor.


How do you connect a monitor to the quad

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Drew, you can make any monitor receive the video signal if you attach a appropriate 5.8ghz receiver to the monitor.
However its hard to fly proximity FPV with a monitor, I strongly recommend goggles with a racing mini-quad


can you connect the eachine monitor to the fpv camera on the quad

Bo Lorentzen

It have a low-voltage buzzer. however not a real lost-quad buzzer. normally I just stick a lipo-alarm on the battery balance tab
We really need a REAL crash buzzer, with its own battery so if stuff is disconnected it will work for say 30 minutes, need to detect a loss of power, crash, inverted, OR lack of motion for 10 sec and start beeping. once ever 5 sec.


Hi, does the 210 have a buzzer for finding it if you lose track of its location in an FPV crash? If not, do you think one could be installed? Thx

Bo Lorentzen

Hey D-J YES you can.

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Albert, the Teleporter works ok, its just that in general I prefer the Predator and up.

Bo Lorentzen

Personally I use the regular FatShark HD's with the standard fast hark rx, there is a small discrepancy, however I have perfect video signal so no problems, the beta channels rx is better for Walkera though.


I have dominator v3 goggles and can't connect with my immersion rc 5G8 600 reciever.

What reciever are you using to connect? And have you found a favorite channel?


Hello mate, Just wondering if I could use the Eachine VR-007 googles with the F210?



Does anyone know how to get the osd back after firmware upgrade? I upgraded to betaflight and now I do not have osd any more. Play with all combination from both switches (on osd board and main board) without success?

Albert Sanchez

Why would you avoid the teleporter for this drone?
I am probably getting my hands on a teleporter v4 but saw your comment and whant to know if its a really bad choice.


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