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Thanx Bo, ordered one :)

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Tom, I normally use 701 Im pretty sure :-)


Hi there,

could you tell me witch receiver i can use without databus for my Devo F12E.i am using the RX705 now and i want hookup some servo's instead of a flightcontroller..
Thank you.

best regards



can I bind the Deve7e with this Walkera 210?

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Stevie, its easy, the included manual have step-by-step instructions for setting up the Devo7, follow them religiously and you are ready to play. :-)

Stevie L Sanderson Jr.

I just recieved my f210 3D and seems the controller isn't setup for mine. It won't switch modes. Seems it's stuck in professional/3D mode. Any ideas on how to get it to where I can get it the way it suppose to be.

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Manuel, yes you can use a Devo10 :-)

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Richard,
Sorry for the slow (VERY SLOW) reply, for some reason my notices did not come through.
The failsafe problem is real, and if you contact Walkera you can demand they replace the RX or send it to them for a update if you don't want to do it yourself.
HOWEVER< I have two of these, and practically speaking its not as big of a problem as the control link reach further than the 5.8 video, so simply turn around when you get snow :-)



Hello Bo,
Can you use the Devo 10 that came with my Walkera Furious 320 on the Walkera F210?


Hello Bo! I just realise the f210 doesn't have failsafe! That's very dangerous, i look on the youtube some people post the video too about this problem. Do you know how to fix this issue?
Thanks in advance!

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Richard, the diopters are a separate option. not included.


Hi Bo! Is the diopter comes / included or have to buy separetely?

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Richard,
If you are near-sighted then you can use the diopter inserts available from FatShark, thats what I do, I also use glasses.

Personally I prefer the Dominator HD's however racers mostly prefer the DS goggles because of the smaller screen, it really depend on your use.

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Richard, the Devo7 setup info is in the end of the manual :-)


Hey Bo! I did check every switch is up. Ii am thinking maybe there something wrong on devo 7 setting output? Can you please tell me what the output settings are? Thanks in advance Bo!


thanks Bo for your reply...do you have any recommendation between Domninator V3 and the new
Dominator HD2? its very hard for me because there is no demo available here. which more better the 16:9 scale or 4:3?
and considering i am using reading glasses, can i still use the goggles? i don't think i can use my reading glasses whilst using them?

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Richard, not entirely sure whats going on there, but guessing there have been a adjustment of the radio. make sure ALL switches are pushed UP before making you flight mode selection :-)


Hi Bo.. I have problem with my f210, today is the second day i fly, but today it can not do 3d flip anymore (the mix switch is on 1 or 2).
What happened is , the f210 just fly normal like i put the mix switch on 0 position. Do you have any idea what's wrong with it?
Thanks in advance

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Chris, sorry for the slow reply, The F210 is a fairly solid little brick to learn on, fly over a soccer field of similar for a while to further soften crashes.
the BIG thing when going mini-quad, from the Phantom, you need to get goggles, these things are no fun flying line-of-sight.
Once you are setup, put the thing 10m or more away from you, and start practicing hovering with goggles on. its good to have a marker on the ground, like stripes on a field. so you know when you are drifting. generally try to NEVER drift backwards as you can't see where you are going. get a bit of forward speed and then steer in the beginning..

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Greg, sorry for the slow reply, its a 7ch control system.

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Justin, YES technically you can, however.. the threads seems a bit short. I have been using RUNNER props which i trim with scissors. :-)


Hi bo,
I am looking at buying this quad, is it possible to put 3rd party props on this one ?
i read somewhere that the 5045 Bullnose works, do you have any idea if this is true ?



So i have a DJI phantom 3 pro and I'm looking to buy a racing/acro quad... First time with racers... And I know it's a complete different way of flying compared to the easy altitude holding phantom.. Would you recommend this to a first time race quad buyer???? I see it's a tough little beast... But will it be easy enough to learn on it??


You mentioned it only had four channels on the tx. Can you elaborate?

Bo Lorentzen

The sample should be arriving this week. check out my video from CES with this quad.

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