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Bo Lorentzen

Hey Todd, sorry for the slow reply.
OK the micro quads and hexas and not "inexpensive" per say. but here is one little one that I put a bunch of flights on http://carolinadronz.com/products/x160fpv

here is a bit of flight video from it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IaQYpcg3Row

Bo Lorentzen

For Mini FPV.. the ProtoX FPV is fairly well flying and works with my FatShark goggles.

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Fabio, that a RAIJU micro hexa, incredible awesome copter, and weight in around 245 grams..


Dear Mr. FPVGuy,
Thanks for your review!
could you please tell me the name of the micro-hexa copter you have used for this review?

Very much obliged for your kindness.

kd rgds,


Any other mini FPV Quadcopters you can recommend???


Nice honest review of the MD3.0.

In you post where you say "if you are looking for small, capable of hauling a 1080p camera, I would take a hard look at some micro-quad or micro-hexa's which fly with real CleanFlight flight controllers, and brushless motors for significantly better handling." - can you recommend any in particular or do I need to save up for a DJI Phantom/Inspire? What would be the smallest 1080P drone you would recommend for shooting decent 1080P video?

Bo Lorentzen

Hey James, sorry for the slow reply, the full kit should probably cost about $250, I would consider buying directly from Extreme Flyers's website. :-)

James Donaldson

Dear Mr. FPVGuy,
Thanks for your review!
Knowing that I can count on your unbiased opinion, if you were to buy an MD 3.0, what retail price range, (shipping + taxes included), like at an amazon.com do you feel would be fair? Comparing it to what is available in the market.
Please give me an idea.

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