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Hi Bo. Thx for the great tip. Ok i will try first with the LIPO battery and see how it behaves.
Actually the reason why i want to upgrade from LI-ION to LIPO battery is because of the LI-ION battery at my quad copter is cutting off power. It seems that the conductive plates do loose contact when the battery heats up resulting in power loss and the quad goes to a what i like to call - DEATH ROLL -. I am getting new conductive plates from Longing send in but it has been now quite a while so i am thinking of upgrading it to the LIPO battery.
First i was thinking of directly soldering the cables to the plus and minus pole on the main-board but than i saw that it can be screwed on using a ring connector. this way i can switch back and forth between LI-ION and LIPO battery.
But than again - soldering would probably mean better contact and when screwed on there would be a slight risk of loosing contact again. Both options have their advantage and disadvantage. One would be the option to switch between the two different battery types.
Which one would you recommend to go for?
Sorry for bothering you that much.

Thx a lot

Bo Lorentzen

Slim put the 3S battery kit on there BEFORE you mess with the CC3D tuning, because more power completely change how that quad flies, its stock flight profile is a bit loose and is caused mostly because of lack of power.

I would review the eachine goggles but they don't like sending me stuff ha ha, at the moment Im doing the video for the Walkera goggle4 which turned out to be surprisingly comfortable. with a huge FOV for about $180


Hi Bo. Yes i am going to upgrade it to a LIPO battery asap. Anayway thx - going to mess with the CC3D on my own then. I guess thats the best way to learn something new.

Are you going to review the new budget FPV goggles from Eachine? The EV800?

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Slim, unfortunately Ive not had a lot of time to fly the 250 and have not been messing with the tuning. the BIGGEST improvement is adding the pig-tail for a XT60 battery and fly with a 1000mah 3S


Hy there. Nice review.

Question: Did you get a chance to tune the CC3D? You mentioned that you would post some profiles for the LY-250.


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