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Bo Lorentzen

Hey Adil, no you can't honestly stay away from this bird, its "follow me" function is crap.
I would love this bird if it had a proper RC radio for control. but the GPS in the watch is not good enough to get safe follow me.


Hello, Could we monito this drone by our smart watch

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Andrew,
The follow me was available only on KickStarter for $299, its on HobbyWow now, but not as great of a deal, and frankly I would ABSOLUTELY not suggest buying this kit without the remote-control.. as the Follow-me system is scary.


Hi BO I just enjoy watching your video clips on drones....But can you tell me where I can get Flypro Xeagle,the $299.00 low end drone? Thanks I learn a lot from you

Bo Lorentzen

Hey FirstQuadcopter, I have the same problem, tried 5+ times and finally gave up. I fired it up and let it sit about 10 minutes until it had solid GPS lock, then power-cycled it, and it acquired GPS in abut 30 seconds after the first lock. I let it sit another couple minutes and then pressed take-off. worked perfect. just make sure you give it TONS of time the first time to get a solid GPS. and rock solid GPS is what this is all about.


Hi Bo,

I received this quad yesterday but I can't calibrate it.
Nothing happens if I press the follow button, the status lights remain green...so can't start the calibration...

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