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Christian Paul

Hey, man;)! Actually film mode is not great the first couple of time you fly it. For foto-mode before you've updated any firmware, started to make "Photomode" your own on its like feeding stalskscommands in to win 95. For a regular fotointuciast you probably need to get to know all features for "fM" before you can say anything. Traxxas Aon runs on open source software and are compatible with missionplanner, meaning you can program you machine to lift on site a - head over to "B" on site be you can tell I to circle a building while it's taking pictures. Then it of to site "C" doing what ever mission. And later home. It is a really great machine for all those golden sectons fotagrefers. Now to the real deal. Traxxas Aton is one of my best quads!!! Sportmode, and expertmode is the real reason that they've build Traxxas Aton. In sportmode you can change all your setting making it reach top speed with top maximum tilt-angle and throttle. Sportmode are for all those flyers who wants some fune but don't really master expert mode. That's because Sportmode helps you to reach horizon-line quick if something is wrong. Expert lets you go crazy. If you guys wanna se I can give you a full demonstration for it true differens mode. If you ask me it a freestyle aggressive maskin ones in expert and if you in full gain I'm sport. Been doing aggressive bmx super cross my hole life. Compare fotomode with regular cykling. Precision till its max, switch to full gain sport or expert mode you'll get hardcore line of sight flying.... Pls send me a mail [email protected] or [email protected] and I'll show you what Traxxas Aton is made from...

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