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Bo Lorentzen

Hey Luke,
YES correct with the lens upgrade the H is equally sharp as the xStar.
it is lacking a bit in JPEG headroom, however in the DNG you find about the same amount of information. so yes a lens upgraded H shooting DNG's will play nice with a xStar and probably beat the P4
Here is a side-by-side of the video from the upgraded lens https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cloKjJJf-o4


Hi Bo, thanks for sharing this comparison. I would be really interested to see the results of the H with the updated lens in this comparison. It seems like the sensor is as good as the other but the image was soft. With the new lens I wonder if the image is on par with the P4 and X-star.

Bo Lorentzen

Thank you Scott, Im really surprised with the xStar, for the price it far outperforms what I had expected for $900

Scott Manthey

This was very helpful. I have the 3DR Solo (two of them) and while I love the platform, I truly dislike the GoPro and it's very limited DR. Looks like the Xstar is in my future.

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Ayams,
I would say you can probably sharpen the file using that process. I think the sensor and the lens is improved over the previous camera, but guessing the communications are the same.


Ayams Manuk

Hi Bo. I heard something about the camera sharpness command on the C-GO3 but can't confirm that feature is available on the Typhoon H camera, hopefully you can see if the sharpness issue that you mentions can be solved by this sharpness command. For you info here is the link that I found about the sharpness command.


Steve AKA "RC Tanks & Trucks 24/7"

Excellent stuff here Bo!

I was waiting for something like this to be honest. I am in the market for a drone primarily for real estate videos/photos. The Typhoon H was on the top of my list but after seeing this the P4 still looks the top dog.

Can't wait to see more comparisons. Awesome stuff :)
Many thanks from Sydney

Robert Gunter

Thanks for all the hard work. Looking forward to creating some great video and stills with my new X Star Premium!

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