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Alice Tayllor

Yuneec really stepped up the game with this one. I love the design, but I love what it has to offer even more, and considering all the features, I think that the price is more than fair! However, It's smaller cousin, the Q500 is also worth mentioning!

Bo Lorentzen

Hey Luke,
I would get a ST10+ off eBay for the camera operator ;-)


If they are essentially specktrum radios does that mean it is possible to bind a (less expensive) spectrum to the H as a 2nd radio to control the camera? (dual operator setup without a second expensive ST16?)

Bo Lorentzen

Hey David, yeah I figured it will work, those are essentially spectrum radios. however the part that may not work so well is obviously the custom features for the Typhoon-H. this is probably the root of customer service's statement.

David W

Hi Bo-you are right-as usual. I did see one YouTube video showing the operation of the Q with the ST 16. It does seem to work, but this is an improvised set up. I checked with Yuneec support and they told me it could not be done. Obviously they were wrong. They did say that there may be a firmware update in the future to add specific (other) models to the ST 16 model menu-like an app, I suppose. I will try to bind my ST 16 with my Q this weekend and see how it goes.
Thanks again!

Bo Lorentzen

Hey David,
Ive seen several video demonstrating the ST16 flying the Q500, I would do a quick YouTube search on that ;-)
Not sure about the satellite count, but if its a better GPS system than they originally advertised then Im all for it.

David W

Something very unfortunate about the Yuneec line of UAV's: I received my H the other day and was disappointed to learn that as of now, the ST 16 cannot be used to control the Q500 line. This seems like a big mistake or oversight on Yuneecs part by not making the ST 16 compatible with its other products. Perhaps they will do a firmware update allowing the Q500 in the future...
By the way, Bo, on your CES video of the H you made a while back the Yuneec rep said the H only has single GPS. I have locked 20 satellites with my H so it appears that it has dual GPS.

Anthony Francese

Curious Bo, where would you place the H.? For someone (with drone/helicopter experience) looking for a video drone considering the H, and the X Star premium...


Bo Lorentzen

Hey Brent,
Thank you for the kind words on the YouTube channel.. much appreciated.
Per your questions I just aded a bunch of links to the post for the parts. see the bottom of the post. I still gotta get a lot of still shots and more details about the Typhoon H in the post as well.

Brent Wickerham

Where did you get the red ends for the landing gear?
I saw you had an updated antenna also for the controller?
All for the Typhoon H model. I need extra battery's too?
I love you you-tube page. Very informative...

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