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Bo Lorentzen

Hey Keith,

OK thats easy, get the Aomway 4leaf and you are good to go. it dont matter what you put on the aircraft, AS LONG as its identical in the other end. :-)

You could get away with just putting a left-hand polarized on the headplay goggles, that would do the same effect since you already have one on the RUNNER. But chances are the aomway are made better and that will affect the performance :-)


Keith Moreau

Hello Bo,
you mentioned in your review of the Walkera Runner 250 Advance w/GPS & 1080P HD Camera that it
has a Left Hand Circular Polarize LHCP antenna.
I want to upgrade the antennas on both the HeadPlay goggles which has a dipole, and the one on the Walkera to the same antennas. I'm looking at the Aomway 4-leaf clover for both, but the Aomway only come in RHCP
I don't know if it matters what type (LHCP or RHCP) I use as long as they are both the same type
(LHCP or RHCP) or does it matter due to the transmitter on the quad.

help would be appreciated.
Newbie the quads

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