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Bo Lorentzen

Hey Raghu,
I don't think there are a practical benefit in flying with a USB power pack, maybe instead buy a couple more proper batteries ?



I am planning to do a JST connector with USB male end and use a powerbank (5000 mah or so) to fly the drone, I tried it with usb extended to the ground and it did affect the flight, how exactly are you holding the battery to drone and what does the battery meter in the mobile app read with excess power? can you help me with that info?


Hi Nils, any photos of your battery mod by any chance? How do you hold the battery to the Dobby body? Using an elastic band maybe?
Thanks Phil


Hi !
Just for the record, i simply soldered a JST connector to the two outer pins on the Dobby and now use 5 very cheap 2S-1000mAh LiPos.
They fit well, i shortened the power cables for esthetic reasons and to minimize compass confusion.
Weight is within 5g of the original battery and price was $6 each (Floureon "brand")
Flight time (hovering only) is also about 8-9 Minutes.

AND i can use a Standard & fast charger if i need to !



Bo Lorentzen

Hey Saniro, I get the same result you are getting. I'm thinking about cutting the box open and replacing the battery with a 2S 1800mah for longer flight, however that will not double so maybe I will get 8 minutes this way.


How can I modify my battery . Because normally I can flight not more than 5 minute .:(((

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